37 weeks – full term – the countdown begins

So tired – still suffering got lots to update too, I can’t seem to bring myself to do anything. Lots of my friends have asked to see me and I’m just too exhausted to even text back, let alone see them. I’m not sure where my days are going I seem to be drifting from one day in a zombie trance to the next. I feel like I’m wasting my days of leave I want to write and read but I just cannot bring myself to do anything. I spent most of yesterday in hospital – don’t worry all fine – they threatened induction but the bloods came back clear and there was nothing wrong – will explain more later

But for now bump photo….



    1. Hey, yeh we thought so too – especially this last week, it has really really dropped – plus I need to pee constantly so i am feeling the pressure down there!! I am thinking it probably won’t be too long now – I will be surprised if I make it to 40 weeks… but you never know. xx

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