First (Possibly) Annual Bloggers Bash – It's On.

First (Possibly) Annual Bloggers Bash

Seeing as I offered to organise a get together, I should probably put my money where my mouth is and do some actual organising.

Sorry to those across the pond – I’m still working on the technology involved in that part, so this is for the European lot – unless those across the pond fancy a trip to the UK for a summer vacation that is…

Drum Roll please……

Drum Roll

DATE: Saturday 1st August 2015

TIME: 11:00am

LOCATION: Outside the front of the British Library 

The British Library
96 Euston Road

Click the link for the map – but its basically next door to Kings Cross train station.

PLAN: Meet outside the library – weather dependent – either have a coffee in/outside of the library if there is space, or I am reliably informed that Geoff knows a few spots close by and is an excellent scout and can therefore lead the pack to a new venue, where food and beverages may or may not be consumed! :p

DETAILS: Now, I am spatially inept, I can’t find my own way home, in the county I’ve lived for the last decade without a satnav, so for anyone else at risk of attempting to find London and veering of into Neverland I am going to suggest the following:

If you are going to come, drop me an email with your email address and phone number or Facebook or however you want to communicate. Closer to the day I will send whoever is coming my number or (with express permission) another persons phone number – in case lots of us get lost and my phones engaged – in a kind of phone tree style or something similar. I will figure this out closer to the date. 


For those (europeans – sorry, promise I am working on the skype/tech side) who expressed an interest on the last post, I’ve tagged you here, so you don’t miss this post.

Geoff, Ali, Graeme, Natacha, Dylan, Olga, Ula, Hugh, Barb, Esther, Keith.

So this is it – It’s actually happening – share the post, tag along, bring a friend, all are welcome.

I hope you are coming :).


          1. Someone posted about the battlefield of Shrewsbury the other day – I guess one that took place a couple hundred years after Brother Cadfael’s time – but I’m steadily adding ever more places to see to the list – I may just have to move there for 6 months or so… Your travels to awesome places continually add to the ‘must see while there’ list, as well! 🙂 It will either be the trip of a lifetime, or a move for the rest of my life – not sure just yet how that’s all gonna turn out! LOL

          2. Yes, I rather guessed that, but the message is really being brought home to me, loud and clear – – plus, I’ve been steadily adding garden bloggers in both England and Ireland to my I Follow List – sigh, the list of things to see already boggles my mind – 🙂

          3. Yup – 🙂 Although, I’ve been reading some interesting theories regarding time warps/parallel dimensions – maybe easier than I thought to do it all within this lifetime – LOL

          4. I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops – unless I find myself in an area that still has the ‘witches pyre’ at the edge of town – LOL

  1. That’s sounds so exciting and I’m sorry that I can’t go (stupid ocean…). I hope you guys have a wonderful time, though! 🙂

          1. Depends on the structure, path of the storm, and the strength of the storm (winds and tidal surge). Big ones you grab stuff and run before it’s too late. Even if there’s little damage, not having power or AC is enough reason to leave….so maybe

  2. Reblogged this on graemecummingdotnet and commented:
    So, let’s consider the average writer. They spend hours and hours and… (well, you get the idea) sitting hunched in front of a screen immersing themselves in little worlds of their own. They are most comfortable in solitude, preferably in a quiet place with no distractions. So, if you’re passing the British Library on 1st August, look out for a large group of people unable to look each other in the eye or make conversation…. Should be great!

      1. My pleasure indeed ));<)))))
        Wonderful time was had by all.
        Mother's given day off from cooking or cleaning
        Wish they'd taken a day off from shopping))))))
        JK, I figured Sis and my Daughters in Laws knew more what they needed/wanted, so I turned them loose and we handled all the kiddies without incident or bail money.
        Wishing you a great day and wonderful rest of week.
        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. Sounds very exciting, Sacha. I’m disappointed I won’t be joining you, but I can guarantee that Geoff is indeed an excellent scout. We met at the British Library last year and had a few adventures from there. It was a wonderful experience and I’m certain you will all have a wonderful time. 🙂

  4. I will do everything I can to be there. We’ll check flights and I’ll let you know as soon as I have something booked.

  5. I am so happy you’re doing this (and, I won’t lie, completely envious of you all). I have been wanting to go back to London for years and I would LOVE to meet and hang out with everyone. I know you all will have an amazing time. Please share photos (as you all feel comfortable). 🙂

      1. Well i’m not entirely sure just yet. I have been reliably informed that google hangouts works well – but I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. Will come back to you all when I have worked out how on earth we can all gather in a virtual video forum! Where do you live Sarah?

      2. Okay, cool. I don’t know anything at all about Google hangouts. O_o Definitely let us know. We have all summer. We’ll figure something out. (I live in the U.S. — New England)

        1. Ok, I definitely did not know that. And for some random reason, I thought you were English! Sorry about that! And nope – neither do I – not a scoobies about google hangouts so will have to do some proper research and see how many people it can hold.

    1. That would be awesome we would love to have you – I duno how long we will be staying at the library for – possibly just a meeting point – do you want to drop some contact details to me so I can let you know if we move and final plans etc

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