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VOTING NOW OPEN – Annual Bloggers Bash Awards


You nominated in your hundreds – literally! I had to enlist a committee of fabulous bloggers (Ali, Geoff and Hugh) to help organise all the nominations and sort them into this, the official voting post. To find out more about the #BloggersBash event have a look at this, this or this.

11733474_10207031963138573_162371955_nBefore we begin voting, there’s one more thing to add. The lovely Geoff decided we needed to stand out from the crowd so that y’all can find us at the British Library on the 1st August. So he has ordered some Annual Bloggers Bash t-shirts. The committee will be wearing them, but it was cheaper to bulk buy, so inevitably we have spares. SO, if you win one of the awards then a t shirt is yours! But if you would like a t-shirt anyway then they will be £6 on the day. Geoff is modelling one for us!

To business – Let the voting BEGIN…

 Voting Closes 12pm 30th July

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Writespiration #49 I should have read the contract



When I was at University, I spent some time in the Union – as president. During that time my major campaign was on taking down working with Landlords. They had a terrible reputation for poor quality properties, generalising across all students, ripping off everyone, and loop holes in contracts. I created a student wide survey to establish the severity of the problem – and collect evidence to support my argument. The results were shocking, students suffering depression, hideous living conditions, and having thousands of pounds taken off them. I worked with various organisations to create a landlord accreditation scheme to beat out those landlord moguls. I am happy to say the schemes still running to this day :).

Have you ever failed to read a contract? Write a poem about the results, or a story about not having read the contract you just signed.

Here’s mine: Continue reading

6 Terror Tactics For Really Scary Villains

6 Terror Tactics For Terrifying Villains

I first watched the Exorcist when I was about 9, I don’t know whether it was the projectile green vomit or badly done makeup, but I wasn’t impressed. These days it might be a little different. I was skeptical about everything back then. These days I’m only skeptical about some things because I know there really are things that go bump in the night. Scary movies, books or stories, have a better effect. Leaving me switching lights on, scanning rooms and ceilings and ensuring there’s a hockey stick within reaching distance!

I’m my own worst enemy and can never please myself. I started this series because I wasn’t happy with my villain, guess what, I’m still not. So I started investigating what makes a really scary bad guy. This post aims to identify what sets apart your Lemony Snicket from your Michael Myers (Halloween). Continue reading

Five Day Photo Challenge 3 – Water


This brings another Five Day (week) Photo Challenge photo. Ali Isaac tagged me to do this challenge, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it so far. If you haven’t already, you should check out her blog, it’s awesome.

My writespiration a couple of weeks ago was on the theme of Elements – Fire specifically. And all because I am research the elements for my novel. So I thought whilst I was on the theme, I would capture ‘water’.

Out I trudged into the rain, macro lens in hand and clicked away. This is what I got: Continue reading

5 Step Recipe To Create Your Protagonist's Inner Circle

Creating A Protagonists Inner Circle

Who’s in your inner circle? You know, that group of friends that you can count on one hand. The ones you would pick up in the middle of the night, or who would hold back your hair whilst you throw up after a hard night out…?

What do you think of when you think of those friends? More importantly what single word would you use to describe them? If you were to write them into your novel what would their archetype be? Let me know in the comments below. Continue reading

Writespiration #47

Write for 120 seconds

A little while ago I set a writespiration challenge to write for 60 seconds, using the word silence as your inspiration. It was so successful I thought I would re run it. Like last time don’t look at the word till you’re ready to write.

Write till the time is up and share wherever it took you in the comments. Ready? Continue reading