Hollow Earth and the Secrets Hidden at the Centre of the Planet

Hollow Earth Theory

I am well overdue a weekly wonder. So I thought I would bring you a truly bizarre theory.

I stumbled across the Hollow Earth theory trying to research the Hollow Moon theory some time ago (more on that another time).  There have been many theories proposing different ideas around the Hollow Earth, William Reed and Edmond Halley being some of the first to note it. The Hollow Earth theory is a conspiracy claiming that the Earth is in fact, Hollow. The way I see it, this hollowness is in two parts:

Agartha MapThe first: that the inside of the Earth is partly or entirely hollow, with a sun at the centre of the Earth which shines permanently and gives life to the most beautiful luscious greenery and a plethora of creatures and animals including those that have been extinct on the surface of the Earth, like mammoths and some even suggest dinosaurs. The giant land which is said to be at the centre of the Earth is called Agartha and its capital city is called Shamballah.

Interestingly Shamballah is also a name coined by Bhuddists (Shambalah). Which refers to a magical mythical land somewhere inside Asia and is thought of as the pure land with beings more beautiful and wise than we. It makes me question whether given the descriptions of the perfect serenity of this land, if there aren’t connections to the garden of Eden?

Tibetan scholars, have taught about an inner world, and claim to be in contact with the “King of the Inner World” or supreme ruler of the entire planet. Which supposedly the Dalai Lama is a representative for the outside world.

What’s interesting is what else the Tibetan scholars say. Supposedly the tunnels connect Tibet with the inner world (which they protect). There are claims of dozens of others connecting tunnels which are scattered across the Earth. For example, those found under the great pyramids of Giza – Egypt, Derinkuyu in Cappadocia -Turkey, South America, the Amazon Basin connecting the lost city of El Dorado and many more. Which brings me to…

The second: this part of the theory connects Hollow Earth to Area 51. Suggesting that Area 51 is actually entirely underground comprising 27 levels, the first of which begins at 2.5miles below the surface. The first 16 levels are controlled by us, the second 11 by other creatures. Theories claim that what’s above ground is called S4 or dreamland. But this goes one step further, claiming that the Earth’s mantle is littered with an underground cave system and tunnels. The only way I can envisage this is much like the London underground! These tunnels are both connecting the surface to Agartha and also used for military purposes.

Image curtsey of google images

Image curtsey of google images

Reed was looking for the North and South poles and as a result of the crazy magnetic readings and difference between true north and magnetic north claimed that they don’t actually exist on land. They are in fact, in the middle of a giant hole – the opening to Agatha, he said. Why?

Because at 70 to 75 degrees North and South latitude the Earth starts to curve INWARDS and flattens. The Earth is not a perfect sphere. Reed says that the magnetic pole is just the outer rim of a magnetic circle around the polar opening of the tunnel to Agartha. Perhaps this is why there is a difference between True North

Image curtsey of Google

Image curtsey of Google

and Magnetic North. Lots of Arctic explorers after reaching high latitudes have been flabbergasted by the inexplicable behaviour of their compasses. When approaching 90 degrees (inside the polar opening) their compasses had a tendency to point upward vertically.

Another strange fact – Icebergs are freshwater – NOT salt water. Weird huh. Well the claim is that it is the fresh water from inside the Earth that freezes on contact with our atmosphere.


I like to be balanced, just to prove a point that this is about ideas for writers, not that I believe everything I read, so here is some contrary evidence:

Gravity. Giant objects like planets swirl and turn, until they spin so fast they clump together creating non-hollow spherical objects – stars and planets.  Ordinary matter is not strong enough to support an entirely hollowed planet against the force of gravity. Or so the science tells us – it doesn’t mention dark matter or the other stuff we don’t have names for yet though…

Current gravity theories suggest anyone on the inside of the hollow Earth wouldn’t experience an outward pull and therefore wouldn’t be able to stand on the inner surface; they would be nearly weightless.

“This was first shown by Newton, whose shell theorem mathematically predicts a gravitational force (from the shell) of zero everywhere inside a spherically symmetric hollow shell of matter, regardless of the shell’s thickness.”  Crystalinks

Image curtesy of Google

Image curtesy of Google

Ok fine, but didn’t we just learn that the Earth isn’t perfectly spherical? And what about those fairground rides that are spherical, and spin really fast – you stick to the inside of the walls well enough… so how does that work?

Well, a tiny gravitational force would indeed arise from the fact that the Earth does not have a perfectly symmetrical spherical shape, as well as from forces arising from other massive bodies like the Moon. This would provide some gravity in essence to stick someone to the surface, but likely, they would need to be moving at the same speed as the inner surface of the Earth. However, if the Earth were hollow, it is likely that the gravitational pull on the surface we stand on, would be much lower.

Does the theory seem plausible? I’m not so sure. What I do find interesting with a lot of these conspiracy theories, is that you often see traces of them in mainstream media. Take the Matrix Revolutions as a case in point, or The Journey To The Centre Of The Earth. In the Matrix, what’s left of Earths population live in the centre of the Earth in a city called Zion where it’s still warmed by the Earth’s core.

This theory is every science fiction and fantasy writers dream. I love the idea of underground tunnels – in fact, as a result of learning about this theory some time ago, I use something inspired by this in my first book, Keepers, which I am now editing,

If you are interested in reading more, there are a number of anecdotes from military personnel who claim to have been there, you can read more here.

What do you think? Have you ever written a story with underground tunnels or a world of people that live underground? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Fascinating Sacha! I can believe in a network of tunnels and deep underground spaces, but a land with animals and such just seems a step too far. Mind you, those Tibetans weren’t daft! You’re right, it would make a great premise for a story, although I think it has already been done quite a few times already.

    1. thanks Ali, I agree about the land with animals – really does sound like fiction to me – still a cool thought though – especially for story fodder as you say but I also agree and I think this has been over done too.

  2. I’ve used underground tunnels, but not any deeper than what you could find in the real world. That first theory reminds me of ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’, which I’m sure was influenced by it. Never heard of the second. For some reason that one isn’t as appealing as the first. Probably because I’m more fantasy than real world stories. Very curious about the iceberg thing. If I had to guess, I’d say salt water can’t freeze to that degree. We do use salt to melt ice after all.

    1. Yes, I agree Charles. I am certain it was influenced by that theory – or maybe the other way around? I have no idea when the theory came about – next weeks wonder post is even better though! The videos in the links I will post are somewhat convincing!

      Cracking point about the salt water – I hadn’t thought of that, but you are absolutely right.

        1. No way, that IS a long time ago… Although I don’t think I’m that surprised its been around for so long. Lots of people make a big fuss and discredit these things as new and ridiculous ideas, but actually were only recycling what we thought a few hundred years ago! I’ll be interested to see what you make of next week – especially if you get a minute to watch a couple of the videos.

          1. I’ll do my best to watch them. As far as the old ideas being recycled, it shows how people don’t do research any more. At least not as much as they used to. Odd how we have so much info at our fingertips, but we don’t really go hunting.

      1. Not been online for a couple of days, Sacha – now catching up before I go again on Friday – all these lovely posts are too tempting. Wish I could do more than just share – would love to join in with the challenges/comps. Hey-ho.. All much the same here.Jx

  3. I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that all sea/ocean ice (so icebergs and ice-floes) DO NOT contain salt! For some reason salt resists freezing (which is why it’s used to de-ice wintry roads), so the salt crystals are squeezed out by the freezing process so only the H20 is left and then freezes solid – and why salt makes ice melt more quickly when temperatures aren’t low enough to maintain solidity…

    As for hollow cavities inside the earth’s mantle – erm Volcanoes & tectonic plates would be pretty devastating wouldn’t they – so it would hardly be a peaceful place, although a permanently on sun might help the magma somewhat… 😛

    1. Yes, Jan, glad it’s not just me that thinks it then. And what a bloody good point about salt. I wonder why the salt in the ocean doesn’t make icebergs melt quicker? I mean yeah its cold… but… dunno. Just a thought. Haha, I wonder what they made of the volcanos and the cavity… they must have had an answer, Ill have to look it up.

  4. I might accept that there could be pockets of life below the earth’s surface which has adapted to living with geothermal heat rather than the sun’s heat, but I have a hard time accepting that the entire planet is hollow on the inside. In addition to gravity there would be problems like pressure and availability of liquid water as you get closer to the center.

    1. I agree – I found this one really hard to swallow. But I think with all these things its an interesting concept and one that I find sparks off lots of story ideas. I think I’ve read about things that live totally without light in darkened caves deep in the Earth – I guess moles are one animal closer to the surface that does the same. pressure is a good one – I hadn’t thought of that 😀

  5. Although as you point out, Physics as we know it rule out the Hollow Earth fantasy, it always amuses me when some piece of the Hollow Earth turns out to be true, just not quite the way imagined. There’s evidence for an under-crust ocean now. Maybe it doesn’t go completely around the world, but there’s still a lot of water down there, probably even more than what was recently found. http://www.livescience.com/1312-huge-ocean-discovered-earth.html

    1. Wow really? That’s well cool thank you for the link, I will go and have a read 😀 – I agree – although a lot of these conspiracies are super hard to believe I do think they are so fascinating and definitely give me story ideas.

    1. Haha, I am not sure I believe this one. Next weeks – if you watch the videos – are actually really quite convincing. I have now interviewed the creator of the videos too – so I will post that as a part 2. I don’t know that I believe in any of this stuff but I do LOVE the questions it raises and the ideas it brews. 😀

    1. Thanks Helen, next weeks – if you watch the videos it will blow your mind. I too often feel skeptical with these things, but it just gives me so many story ideas I can’t help but keep researching!

        1. Thanks Helen, yep getting better slowly. Not fixed yet though. I think I might need to see a chiropractor long term to fix this for good as it keep recurring. Hows everything with you?

          1. It might be worth doing, or an osteopath, as it’s something that will get worst as you get older, so best to get it fixed now. Things with me are good but busy – time thieves are stealing my days and Christmas is almost here!

  6. Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote the classic sci-fi Pellucidar series – all taking place under the surface of the Earth. The seven books and their over-the-top adventure inspired quite a bit of modern sci-fi and adventure stories.

    1. Thanks for reading and the comment Darrick – I haven’t heard of that chap so I will trot off to Amazon and have a look for his books. Thank you for the recommendation 🙂

  7. I had heard of the hollow earth theory somewhere — and if you google it, you’ll see tons of stuff on YouTube. Definitely great material for fiction, with a bunch of people who are clearly fascinated by these themes. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Yep – SO much on YouTube – it’s actually where I find most of the material for my weekly wonders. There’s a ton of cool documentaries these days. Thank you for reading – I know these theories are bonkers, but for my genres its perfect inspiration.

    1. Thanks Debbie – it’s a little far fetched this one, although I got a few story ideas, I didn’t get as many as this weeks. Ah well. It’s all good for the notebook store!

  8. Another movie that features creatures who live inside the earth is “The Time Machine.” The creatures in that movie could not bare much light, yet the flaw in the movie was that they only came out during the daytime to hunt humans.

    I wonder if the recent sink-holes have anything to do with your theories about the Earth being hollow, Sacha?

    1. YES – God, how could I forget the time machine! especially with Samantha Mumba – I loved her!

      oooooh sink holes – I didn’t think of that….. Good thinking batman. If you get an hour free – make sure you watch the videos in this weeks wonder – they will blow your mind!

  9. David Wilcox claims the hoolw earth theory is true, although I don’t see how a sun would be in the center of the earth, doesn’t it need to be in space where no gravity exists?

    1. I have no idea Lorraine. It’s an interesting concept though. This weeks weekly wonder is about a flat Earth concept of any of it were true I’d be more inclined to this weeks but it’s all hard to believe – yet that inkling is what keeps me coming back and keeps giving me story ideas. Thanks for dropping in I’m going to research David Wilcox now ?

      1. I don’t know it all. I am here on Earth at this time to learn about aliens, reincarnation, angels, spirituality, God, Jesus. I am all about knowledge, but my attention span doesn’t let me go into great detail.
        Wilcock claims to be Edgar Cayce reincarnated. Does that sound too fantastic? I found the 74 minute video interesting. Go to the Reincarnation tag in the reader to see my reblog of his interview.

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