Ancient Flyer – The Mystery of Ancient Aircraft

ancient flyer

Photo of my necklace and the Ancient Flyer sculpture

I often find myself wondering about my eyesight and the quality of my perception. I mean, how much of what I see is actually ‘real’ versus an illusion. Technically we have blind spots in our vision where our optic nerve joins the back of our eye, yet our brains interpret and fill that space so we don’t actually have a blind spot in our vision. We monkeys are easily tricked by even the simplest of illusions.

Yet there is one visual mystery  I just can’t believe is a trick. The ancient flyer.

The Ancient Flyer is a sculpture and carving that has been found all over the world. Said to be  thousands of years old and yet, upon looking at it, appears to be an aircraft. No, really!

This post has been on my list for some time, but it wasn’t until my son poked my necklace  and said ‘plane,’ that I remembered. That reaction, the ‘point and plane’ is exactly why I  wanted to write this post in the first place.

The ancient flyer (the image in the title photo) was first found in Colombia and is believed to have been from the Quimbayan civilisation 300-1550CE. The reason it caused so much controversy is because it was originally thought to be an insect – much like the other golden sculptures from that era. However, no insect has its wings attached to the bottom of its body, nor do they have upright tail fins or stabilisers as the sculpture does. Weird, right?!

Here’s a three minute video giving you some more info from experts including a snippet where some German engineers made a large scale replica in 1994 and flew it…


Photo taken from Wiki

Photo taken from Wiki from temple in Abydos

The ancient flyer isn’t the only example of mysterious aircraft. There are plenty of other examples of ancient aircraft no one can explain. Like the Petroglyphs first found in Egypt in 1848, before we (or the Wright brothers) had even invented flight! The Petroglyphs became popular in the 90’s after a bunch of photos of Seti’s tomb were taken and posted on the net.

I’m not being funny, but even my two year old can see that there’s a helicopter, two ships and on another petroglyph a speed boat. But of course, there’s a totally scientific, evidence based reason that these aren’t in fact exactly what they seem…

Supposedly these carvings were used over more than one farohs reign, so the first ones were carved over again. Chuck in a splash of erosion (in a perfectly sealed tomb in which everything else was immaculately preserve) and you get these ‘double-carved-eroded’ images. God I feel sarcastic today… my eyeballs are already aching from rolling. Anyway for the sake of a well rounded argument, the skeptics came up with a name for this erosion bollocks, it’s called ‘palimpsests’

I’d have bought the erosion story if the above carvings were one offs. It’s almost believable that a freak occurrence causing the perfect erosion and re carving conditions would have bought about an illusion of a helicopter. But they weren’t the only case. Not even close. These petroglyphs have been found in various other locations including a temple in Karnak HUNDREDS of miles away.

Photo taken from Crystalinks

Photo taken from Crystalinks

There are also countless paintings of spaceships throughout history. I’d be here all day if I showed you all of them. But this post, by Crystalinks has a huge selection of examples, including several paintings that depict space craft linked to religious things in our past.

My fave example is this one, Crystalinks states:

“This painting is called “The Madonna with Saint Giovannino”. It was painted in the 15th century by Domenico Ghirlandaio (1449-1494) and hangs as part of the Loeser collection in the Palazzo Vecchio. Above Mary’s right shoulder is a disk shaped object. Below is a blow up of this section and a man and his dog can clearly be seen looking up at the object.”

Sure, it could be coincidence – just like the dozens of other examples in that post could all be coincidences too, but maybe not.


Book I used for some of the info in this post

Book I used for some of the info in this post

What I love about this weekly wonder, is the opportunity it gave me to investigate different types of aircraft. The beauty of fiction is that we get to make shit up. Just because science says you need a dihedral wing angle to fly a craft, doesn’t mean you need that in my story. I have been thinking about transport a lot and whether my ‘steam trains’ are really cutting the mustard.

Investigating this gave me loads of ideas too, what if time travel was actually easy to achieve you just needed the right aerodynamics, or what if you needed to use sound to move, or crafts the shape of animals, or even artificially intelligent craft the shape of animals…

If you’re interested in reading more on this topic, I’m reading this book (on the left) which you can buy here.

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  1. Love that necklace! That’s quite amazing, and yet I’ve never heard about it before. It looks like the space shuttle. I imagine it’s something which has been covered up. After all, we must be the only intelligent beings in the whole universe, right?

      1. Well flying discs in the sky… I mean what sane person is going to believe that? No need to hush that up. But aircraft which are recognise able, that’s another matter completely.

    1. While time travel may not be possible in the sense that going back to a specific point in history creates a ripple that fundamentally changes the events that follow rendering the present as you know it highly unlikely, one could argue that by the same logic it is possible to travel to some other time line’s past if the concept of parallel dimensions is to be believed. Of course, it would take a huge amount of energy in order to do this.

      1. And wouldn’t that kind of cause the same ripple in their timeline though?

        We’re we connected when I wrote about imaginary time? What do you make of that concept?

        1. It would of course change their time line, but it would keep ours in tact, so *shrug* what are you going to do? It’s all in the name of science.

          I don’t think we were. I will have to look into that one as well.

  2. 🙂 Great post. There are so many of these phenomena that make you really question whether we really were the first to “invent” some of the cool things we’re capable of. 🙂

  3. One could think that humans have wanted to fly since the early days. I looked something up and Da Vinci was around during the making of that last painting. He thought a lot about flying, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of artists thought about it. I know it isn’t as fun a theory, but the ‘spaceship’ could have been added to see if anybody at the time was paying attention. As for the petroglyphs, I’m reminded about how a lot of Mayan (or was it Incan?) stuff hints at spaceships and planes.

    Now if there were aliens that visited then I wonder where they went. If it were time travelers then that just raises more questions. Future of the human race isn’t looking too good, so the idea that we still make it to time travel technology is hard to believe. We can’t even master renewable energy sources without an argument.

    1. That’s a fair point Charles. It could just be that humans wanted to fly, although I find it hard to believe that they could have got the angles right for an exact scaled up replica to actually be able to fly – I mean it could be a coincidence though.

      Agree about our future – that’s for sure, we certainly aren’t looking after what we have.

  4. First time I heard about this Ancient Flyer, although I do wonder if whoever made it was just putting some shapes together and came up with it? I remember as a child loving to stick bits of everything to each other and inviting something.

    Now the paintings are what interest me more. I going to check them out.

      1. True, but my interest lies more with the link you included in this post to all those images of UFOs in painting, etc. I think you certainly featured the best one in this post, but what bothers me is why this has never been news headline? I’d love to go back to when these works of art were created and be sat next to the artist.

        1. Well thats fair, we can’t all like the same things. Ah yeah, it’s one of the more famous paintings I think thats why. Although the one with the sun in the middle and the sort of circle/dots in the sky is also pretty famous.

  5. Oh, my conspiracy loving / alien chasing side positively squealed when I spotted your graphic of today’s post. I saw a special on the subject a few years back and it is truly one of those stories that make you go hmm perhaps there really is a cover-up.

    1. Hehe – glad you liked the photo – ooh what was the documentary? Was it an ancient aliens episode? Oh what I’d do to have a chinwag with u about all this malarkey!

  6. I loved the video and the wonderfully nerdy people who made it fly. Stunning. And yep, I get the weirdness of how old it is and what else, really can it be? I read about this laser propelled space craft this week, which would remove the draw back of carrying fuel. Makes the idea of interstellar travel more real and this all the more likely.

      1. At present the aim is a nano ship, basically a tiny camera and Hugh weightless sails to be powered at 130 million miles and hour of something mental to Alpha Centuri over the next 20 years. Then it’s scaling that up. Be fascinating really

  7. Fascinating post. I can see that the ancient might have been visited by aliens but in helicopters? That suggests they may have had an outpost of some sort. Okay my imagination is clicking into full gear here!

    1. I am so glad it got the juices flowing – that’s exactly why I research these things and share them because it does exactly the same to me. I agree that I think the helicopters was weird -but then you know Da Vinci drew them too… recurring theme throughout history so it seems

  8. Ooh I love that you shared this! I love these mind-boggling stories of the things we find in the past that just cannot be true because they include pictures of a airplane for example that wasn’t even designed until much later. It just opens your eyes to how many more mysteries there are out there to discover. Aliens? Time Travel? All those science fiction stories we love so much, is there perhaps a kernel of truth in them? So fascinating!!

  9. It’s certainly a beautiful and fascinating necklace. I like to be scientific but as you say our perceptions are our boundaries. There is so much more to know and maybe never quite grasp. But I agree we are not doing to well on sorting out our current planetary problems.

  10. I love these kind of theories. The spaceship in the painting is brilliant. However, my world-weary logic tends to dump them in the same sack as God. Why is it 500 years since anybody recorded an alien? They hardly had the technology to see the moon close up in those days—we can record a star farting on a galaxy on the edge of the universe. How come we can’t see these alien ships now?

    1. I mean, it depends on whether you believe in the recordings that have happened recently. Some would argue that it hasn’t been 500 years since an alien was recorded… others still would suggest the orbit of Nibiru is such that they only come back every 3600 years… but then it all might be a load of shit!

  11. Yay! Your mystery posts are back 🙂 I’ve often wondered about this one as well – I remember seeing photos of those petroglyphs, plus they’ve translated some heiroglyphics to read ‘Bring me the boat that flies, not floats,’ or something similar. Then there’s the Nazca lines – who were they made for?

    1. haha well they never disappeared I just got a bit distracted! I hope to do 2 a month, just takes a lot of research. Did not know that about the translations, that speaks volumes don’t you think! The Nascar lines are a whole other ball game.

  12. So intriguing… I had never heard of this before. I had heard of flying objects spotted in paintings but not this. That’s a really cool clip from the history channel. This brings up all sorts of questions (and ideas). It’s not at all difficult to believe that ancient civilizations studied insects and figured out how to create something aerodynamic.

    P.S. Love your necklace. ?

  13. Yes, I am totally interested in this subject too. Of course, they are pictures of flying machines and not down to some cocked up theory that they were eroded. We watch Ancient Aliens and they have delved into this subject well. Great post, Sacha. I keep wondering why they are trying to hide the obvious truth from us.

  14. Oh I love you, Sacha Black. You are the Queen of Conspiracy Theorists! I hadn’t heard of this golden flyer. How amazing is that! My son in law found a carving of a stegasaurus on an ancient Cambodian temple (I think at Angkor Wat) when he was there last year. That is just as stunning. The book you are reading looks fascinating. I read an amazing one years ago about the pyramids. It’s been misplaced. I wish I could find it again. I’ve already ordered two copies of the book – one for hub’s birthday in a couple of weeks, and one for a brother whose birthday is in June. Thank you.

    1. hehe thank you Norah. NO way??? did he really? I mean that doesn’t entirely surprise me, there are carvings and sculptures of people riding dinosaurs – the concept of that is rather shocking. You ordered the book I’m reading? Ohhhh if thats so they will bloody love it 😀

  15. This is absolutely amazing…Excellent post, dear Sacha.
    The fact that these prototype so to call it has wings in the bottom absolutely caught my attention…It certainly looks like an aircraft, even when they did not exist 2000 years ago…
    pre- columbian cultures certainly might have known about aerodynamics… unless those ancient civilizations are `aliens´…
    This recalls me of your post on Fermi´s paradox… maybe those extraterrestrial beings from the outer space have indeed been visiting us for ages… which also makes me think of the mysteries of the Pyramids in Egypt and in central America… one could hardly explained how they were built in that time, keeping in mind the complexity of the architectures being involved there…
    By the way… the `necklace´ has a complete different, i.e deeper meaning for me now…
    Have a great week ahead… All my best wishes. Aquileana ⭐️

    1. Thank you my lovely, and yes yes yes to all your comments! I completely agree with you. HOW can a civilisation so famed for being ‘less’ developed than ours have known about such things as aerodynamics?! And I don’t believe in coincidence. Glad the necklace has more meaning. I adore it. I will have it made out of silver at some point, its so rusty and battered now. But it means a lot to me, it represents my concept of the world and my truth.

  16. I love this kind of mystery. I may come and find you later to help me a little on some posts I’m working on. A little like the X files, taking a rumour or nugget of information from somewhere and giving both sides of the story as it were.

    A greta piece though, makes you wonder if time is immutable as we think. Either that or does it work in one direction as we think. Oh the possibilities.

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