The Ancient Nuclear War No One Told You About

Nuclear warWe think we’re real smart as a race. We keep creating bigger and better weapons, anything so long as we got the biggest, best toy in the playground and you don’t. But what if we weren’t the only smart cookies on the planet. What if thousands of years ago, we the arse scratching cave men of the period, or in fact, another race entirely had already made big-bad-apocalyptic-world-destroying weapons?

What if we’re late to the game cause someone else already thought of nuclear weapons 10,000 years ago?!

Well that’s todays wonder – the theory that nuclear weapons are not a 20th century invention at all, but a bronze age creation.

Of course, this is a conspiracy theory, with as many proponents as debunkers trying to argue it out. But let me entertain you with the believers story. Because, after all, I love a bit of weird and wonderful inspiration and this is how I get my book ideas.

The Mahabharata an ancient Indian scripture, is famed for detailing descriptions of weapons that sound oddly like modern nuclear weapons:

“A single projectile charged with all the power in the Universe…An incandescent column of smoke and flame as bright as 10,000 suns, rose in all its splendor…it was an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death which reduced to ashes an entire race. “The corpses were so burned as to be unrecognizable. Their hair and nails fell out, pottery broke without any apparent cause, and the birds turned white. “After a few hours, all foodstuffs were infected. To escape from this fire, the soldiers threw themselves into the river.”  Disclose TV

Image curtesy of Wikipedia

Image curtesy of Wikipedia

But a single quote from a scripture isn’t really enough evidence to make a wild assumption like an ancient race having nuclear tech. So what of the physical evidence?

In India and Pakistan there are several geographical areas that have caused controversy. The first, Lonar Lake from the Buldhana region. Said to be created from a meteor impact, it’s age is said to be anywhere from 6000 years old to 570,000 years old. There is some disagreement about whether this crater was created by an asteroid. Although refuted (obviously *eyeroll*) there are claims that no meteorological material was found.

Harappa & Mohenjo-Daro

But more compelling than a big round bomb hole meteor crater, is the three square mile area west of Jodphur: a town called Harappa. All three square miles were found to be covered in a layer of radio active dust. The area was only found after a high rate of birth defects and cancer. The radioactive levels were so high in fact that the government cordoned off the area in order to do research. Research that unearthed remains of an ancient city and a bomb blast.

Unable to find original photo attribution. Photo taken from this site.

Unable to find original photo attribution. Photo taken from google and this site.

When they reached street level, they found petrified skeletons frozen in position almost as if they had no time to escape and there was no one left to bury them after. Why else would hundreds of skeletons all die simultaneously and be left in the street unburied? Oh, did I say they were irradiated too?

Glass – After the high intensity heat blast from a nuclear weapon, glass is formed. And guess what… That exact glass was found in great columns in the area, just like the remnants found in Nevada after nuclear testing.

Mysteriously, Oppenheimer the creator of the atomic bomb himself, responded when asked how he felt about firing the first atomic weapon, that it wasn’t the first, merely the first in modern times.  

Whether there were nuclear bombs in our ancient history or not remains a mystery to me. But what I do know, it that it’s cool to think about. I love the idea of hybridising an ancient race for a story. Ancient civilisation come science fiction. I guess that’s how the Steampunk genre came about – Science fiction meets the Victorian era.

But more than anything, it reminded me of my Flat Earth novel, that I am researching for and the concept that a race discovers the world they know is a total lie. What if ours really was? What if everything we thought we knew about our past was wrong.

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  1. HI ya Sacha – I’ve not heard this before. But if the evidence of the Harappa find is true then it’s very hard to argue against. For me here the real question is not necessarily if it happened – because it obviously did. But who did it and why? It could only be for power, but it’s a bit over the top to nuke a load of bronze age people with spears and swords. At least we waited until there was a load of ships and planes and exploding shit before we released one.

    The thought I have on this and from all these stories is the prospect that we have not been alone for the entire of human history – are we being guided or trained by some alien race and what for?

    This article also makes me think about something I read about our good friend Mars – I can’t remember it exactly but they have found traces of radio active shit that you would normally only find after a nuclear explosion. How’s that for a co-incidence (oh I forgot – I don’t believe in coincidences).

    Have a great day and as always – damn amazing! 🙂

    1. lol I don’t really believe in them either. Yep completely agree I don’t think we are alone and I don’t think we have been alone for a long time. Did u ever watch the flat earth you tube series? Did you know Zacharia Sitchin says we were bred from monkeys as a slave race – so the fact u said guided or trained I’m more on the slave race side. That’s a whole other post tho!

      Doesn’t surprise me about Mars one bit

      1. I haven’t seen the flat Earth series – but now I know about it I’m going to look it up!
        The thing is, if we’;re a slave race then what are we supposed to be doing? Why are we slaves? It’s interesting…
        I didn’t think Mars would surprise you, but I thought it would interest you 🙂

        1. Mining gold. I’ll try and slot that post into my schedule and write it up. It’s well interesting.

          The flat earth video links are in my flat earth post – I keep telling u to watch them because I wana know what u think!

          1. I know you do and I’m sorry – I’m just rammed at work and home. I’m not at my desk to watch anything. I will do though!

  2. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Sacha Black gives us something to think about.. we know that ancient civilisations contained brilliant scholars.. but did they also have the knowledge to construct a deadly weapon that we think of as a modern monstrosity? Read the article for yourselves… me.. I am pretty convinced we are not the first distructive species to walk this earth.

  3. This was a thoroughly interesting read! Love this kind of stuff, just like I love plotting out ancient histories for my fictional words, whether or not I touch on them! When you think about it, so many great books and series are based in a world once ruined. Even now, I’m reading the Red Seas Under Read Skies (#2 of the Gentleman Bastard series), where, even without being a big deal in terms of the story (at least, not as far as I am anyway), its clear some ancient race has left their mark on the world.

    I think the very premise of living in a world that has this kind of history can make a story seem far more interesting… And the fact that the world *might* be ours, well that’s enough to capture imagination right there!

    1. I am glad you liked it. I completely agree – so many books are premised on our history – or the history that might of been.

      I think books based on this stuff are so appealing cause deep down we know there is a grain of truth to them…

  4. More food for thought, Sacha! I must confess that when I started reading this post I thought ‘surely not’, and you know how much I love an archaeological mystery 🙂 But the evidence at Harappa, if proven true, is pretty damn compelling. Apparently there’s no evidence to suggest our brain power or ability has changed over the past 50,000 years, so, if ‘modern’ history only goes back 12,000 years, what about the other 38,000? There are certainly mysteries there. If you’ve ever read Charles Pellegrino’s books, he talks about the idea that civilisations seem to reach a certain point technologically before being wiped out, either through a man-made or natural cataclysm. Perhaps this is evidence of that. (and it’s a sobering thought)

    1. haha, yeah I had the same eyebrow raising reaction the first time I came across it too. But like you say – give me another load of evidence that says otherwise. I haven’t read him but guess where I am going now…straight to amazon!

      1. Oh, his books are awesome. And he is a proper scientist as well, a downblast physicist who worked on the aftermath of 9/11 as well as at Pompeii, plus was part of the team that discovered the Titanic, and came up with the whole dinaosaur DNA thing that Michael Crichton used for Jurassic Park. Plus he’s a great storyteller – I really enjoy his books 🙂

          1. Ghosts of Vesuvius and Return to Sodom and Gomorrah are both excellent, as are all of his Titanic books. Ghosts was the first one I ever read and it made a huge impression on me – he drew parallels between the victims of Pompeii and the victims of 9/11, as he’d worked on both sites – it was very moving, yet fascinating to read.

  5. I’m convinced there were superior and advanced races on earth long before current accepted thinking. The earth is too old… how can humanity only have come into existence in the last 5 minutes of its lifespan? The great flood, which is now being thought of as something which could genuinely have happened, wiped out a large portion of animal and human life, and is thought to have come about as the result of a huge meteor crashing into the ice cap, but what if it wasnt started that way? What if it was started by the detonation of a huge nuclear bomb? The weapons described in the Indian texts remind me of the weapons used by the Tuatha de Danann in Irish mythology, and you know there are links there with the Sanskrit. So I am not surprised by this at all. It is pretty scary though; a chilling case of deja vu, here we go again. That comment by Oppenheimer is fascinating; did they use ancient technology to guide their production of these nuclear weapons? Did they discover ancient remains of such weapons? I’d love to know more about that. But to have said it so openly, why would he have done that, and what did people make of it at the time? Loved this post, Sacha! And you’re right; some great material for a novel here.

    1. Yeah – EXACTLY – we have only been here 5 minutes – really? Or did all records of us being here before the last 5 minutes get erased?

      YES exactly – it is a wonder to me, why all these stories have exactly the same plots – how can that be a coincidence?

      But yeah – again what an interesting thought – what if they did use ancient tech to design the new stuff- god, can you imagine?

  6. There are so many mysteries on this planet, so many things that have never really been explained. So many things that man could never have built… fascinating subject!

  7. That Oppenheimer quote is oddly creepy. Modern humans do strike me as the type to unearth an ancient weapon, ignore all warnings, and mass produce them. Though, I will admit to hoping it was magic instead of tech. Just the thought of casting spells in our world amuses me. Probably should scare me too. 🙂

  8. The pyramids stare the truth at us, and we can’t believe that the same people capable of building them might have had nuclear power. We are so smart in some ways, so stupid in others.

  9. Rather compelling arguments.

    I am particularly intrigued by Oppenheimer’s comment. It makes you wonder what reference materials those involved in the Manhattan project had at their disposal.

  10. Fascinating theory Sach. I’m thinking you should open up a Youtube channel on the fascinating and mysterious subjects you post about. Lol, there I go again, finding you more things to do. <3

    1. lol. I would LOVE to do that. I am waiting on some news, and if I get the news I want I may well do a lot more things, like podcasting and youtube. But we just have to wait and see, and for now I shall remain mysterious! lol

  11. I find this theory very interesting. I have read about the city in Pakistan, how else could the glass get like that? I think they will find more evidence in the next year or so. The Hindu scriptures also tell us about destructive weapons which were powered by chants and tones. They also allude to moving big things with the power of sound. A tale about Shiva being known as the Destroyer kind of gives me the shivers because he can decide the world is to be re-made and in order to re-make, he destroys first. What is the symbol on C.E.R.N.`s sign? Shiva.

    1. Powered by tones? Now that’s interesting – and as you say, ones of the first posts I wrote was on the power of sound and the links to ancient astronauts and moving HUGE rocks with it.

      Fascinating about CERN. It’s like the EU have the flat earth as their flag – what are these organisations hiding?

  12. RIGHT NOW, there are people in the world living at what we’d consider barely above a Stone Age level of technology. And yet RIGHT NOW, there are also people making serious and workable plans to send humans to Mars. It’s really not that far a stretch (as long as you don’t believe that technological progress is always and forever upward/forward, with no slipping backward or even outright crashing for a while) to think there could have been people in the past with a higher level of technology than their neighbors.

    I know it’s an unpopular view, though. To most Americans, it’s crazy even to think some humans were making sophisticated bronze artifacts while others were still banging rocks together to make simple tools, and yet there’s solid proof THAT happened. Unless everything in museums is also just a “conspiracy theory”… (Some people think it is; some people are idjits.)

    There’s no reason to insist that anyone with higher technology (compared to the average of the time) in the past had to be aliens or lizard people or whatever. It’s actually rather insulting, because it implies that WE are not and were not capable of creating these things ourselves. My own opinion is that WE had the tech, and WE lost it, and WE are rediscovering it, not that some “ancient astronauts” or whatever came down and had themselves a little nuclear war over who got to rule the stupid humans.

    (My identical twin is both an archaeologist and a SF writer. WE discuss weird stuff like this A LOT.)

    1. Wow, I find it hard to believe that people think everything in a museum is a conspiracy, but I mean I can believe it.

      Interesting that you and your twin talk about it. I do believe aliens exist, and I am inclined to believe some of the ancient astronaut theories, but that’s what makes us interesting – all having different views 😀

  13. Love the nose, moustache and glasses, Sacha. LOL You crack me up. I haven’t wondered about a nuclear explosion in the ancient past though I’m totally open to radioactive space balls slamming into the planet. That said, I think it’s possible that mankind has nearly wiped itself out several times. Perhaps we’ll do it again soon since as a species we seem incapable of caring for the planet and each other. Oppenheimer’s quote is fascinating! 🙂 Great thought starter if not a little depressing LOL. Have a great day, my friend.

    1. Hehe – I just took and edited my next silly photo – will use it after I release the next newsletter. I think we or someone else has definitely wiped us out a few times! Honestly, it’s a real fear that we might well do it again, one that seems far too real.

      1. We just had the Trump convention here over the past three days. It’s more than worrisome. The only thing the US President can do without congressional approval is start a war. If Trump becomes president, he can bomb anyone he wants to whenever he wants to, and no one can tell him “no.” We’ll be living the post-apocalypse instead of writing about it. 🙁

    1. Books, articles, hours of searching on the internet and YouTube! If you want to watch a TV series on topics like this then the Ancient Aliens TV series is a good place to start 😀

  14. I *love* this post. Your blog always get me to thinking, and, you’re right – there are a lot of story ideas present. I’ve often wondered if the Nephilim spoken about in the Bible were the people of Atlantis because they were ‘more than human’ and were great builders (Tower of Babel). Keep writing and posting! I always look forward to reading your blog!

    1. This is such a wonderful comment. Thank you so much for your kind words. I have a whole post about the Nephilim up my sleeves. But I need to do a whole raft of research first. Thank you for stopping by 😀 have a wonderful week 😀

  15. i can well imagine a wipe out that left a tiny residue of man from which we have now developed though you’d expect there to be more remnants of such civilization around the globe. However even if a more ancient race with the capability to creating nuclear fission didn’t exist, why not some sort of meteorite hitting a uranium or similar deposit and the impact and mix of chemicals creating the same conditions enabling a chain reaction?

    1. Yep – it’s a good point Geoffle, and you may well be right. Shame they didn’t find any meteoric particles. But I guess that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. It’s probably the most widely accepted theory too, I think.

  16. Wow this is really fascinating stuff, Sacha. It does seem strange that man was able to produce a nuclear type of weapon so many thousands of years ago. It really makes you wonder what happened, and makes you want to know more! 🙂

  17. The answers may be deeper than we have looked – the oceans have some pretty deep trenches that we cannot explore yet…who knows what is there. We do know that the oceans have risen, receeded and relocated many times – and land masses/plates have broken apart, drifted, jumped over one another. The answers may not be in our surface views?
    Totally intriguing

  18. So fascinating! I love it when you dig into science and find this weird stuff. You even have me thinking strange thoughts — here in central Washington one can see the massive effects of ice age flooding. I keep thinking about the arse-scratching cavemen/mammoth hunters who lived during these epic floods where mountains were moved in days.

    1. haha awesome, well I am glad I could prod some weird thoughts your way 😀 But exactly, right. I can’t explain the dissonance… I don’t think science has either yet.

  19. Interesting but here’s a question…have you ever been in a modern day nuclear bunker? One that been sitting right under our noses for 40 years? Watch this, well…my space. By my space I mean my blog…not to be confused with MySpace which is something completely different 🙂

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