New Website Launch – Sacha Black Books – Coming Soon #MondayBlogs

img_0441I’m doing something exciting… At least I think it’s exciting. So much so I’m liable to wee my pants.

I’m launching a new website. A new blog. See, I made a bit of a school boy error when I started this blog, I focused solely on non-fiction, and I swore, a lot.

Now, that’s great, if you read non-fiction or are a writer, or have dark sense of humour like me. But not so good for  if you’re trying to attract fiction readers of a very specific genre.


So here is me, warming you up to the fact that come January I’ll also be blogging somewhere else… That doesn’t mean this blog will go. Oh no. This blog-badger is here to stay. I’m just going to make my life supremely difficult and have two sites! 

Now, you might have had enough of my hyperbole, cause I do have a habit of droning on… But if you haven’t, and you’re interested in following my journey to publishing my fiction, then you might wanna hop over here:

Right now, you’ll see the sum total of naff all. A sign up for blogs and a newsletter sign up, and that’s aboot it. But come January, that badgers going into hyperdrive.

Why you might wanna follow the new blog:

If you’re interested in:

a) Young Adult fiction – I’ll be posting reviews of books and recommendations

b) Young Adult crazes – I’m a child – what can I say

c) Interested specifically in my fiction books and launches (sign up to the fiction newsletter there! Or use this link)

d) Interested in where I get my inspiration from – i.e. conspiracies, photography, life the universe  and the number 42

e) Like book photography

F) Me ranting, or voicing opinions using a plethora of interesting words!

G) Being  nosy

The content while it will be frequent in the early part of the year, will likely drop to weekly as I get closer to publishing and need more preparation time.

That’s it. You’re free to move on. Announcement over. 


          1. Crimpolene – a ghastly material that very old persons used to wear, once upon a nightmare. It was the cockroach of the material world; impossible to destroy and about as attractive to look at.

    1. awww well ain’t you the loveliest. I know, can’t believe I’m even contemplating it, but there we are. I’ll still be me, just showing another side of me 😀

    1. Ah, by that I meant, the content I put out is non-fiction. I always share the things I learn about the craft of writing. Where as on the new site I’ll write reviews of fiction books, maybe share my own fiction, and talk about things related to my genre rather than purely being about developing as an author. I guess it’s cause I need a platform for my fiction books and I’m not sure this blog is it. This blog is better suited to my non fiction books.

      1. Hard to tell. I put everything on one blog to make sure I don’t get my wires crossed. Yet, I know quite a few authors who have multiple blogs to cover several areas. You do have a built-in audience that will go to the other one too. Looking forward to the new blog.

        1. Hope so, but no guarantees really. I could be making a huge mistake trying to juggle two sites, I just figure the current one isn’t really relevant? I duno. Maybe I’ll change my mind and make the fiction one totally static.

  1. Congratulations. Welcome to the multi-blogger club. I have four, because I’m a genre-rabbit as a writer. I hop on historical fiction in one book, hop on memoir in another; then hop on a seduction murder mystery, and I’m becoming a serial jumper in my next five novels that are all in a hybrid genre: a shape shifting, historical fiction, science fiction, vampire, paranormal, fantasy, time travel, etc. all mixed into one series.

    Sigh, I think it would have been much easier to just write in one genre but us writing addicts have to follow our muse, and my sexy muse humps all over the place.

    Three of my blogs are specific to the books they support, and one is hopping all over the place, because I got tired of launching genre specific blogs.

    I wanted to start a 5th blog about blogs and books but never found the time so I gave up that idea. The domain name for Blogs-and-Books or was it Books-and-Blogs is available again.

    1. FOUR? :O wowza, I couldn’t handle four, at least not in my current alloted free time!

      HAAAA your sexy muse humps all over the place! I know the feeling, I have 30 books on my list right now and they are only the ones in the same genre. It’s disgusting.

      What are all your blogs? send me the links

        1. so ridiculously impressed – have followed a couple of them – the china one looks very very interesting. I have a deep-seated fascination with Asia, I hope we can go to Japan this year.

          1. HA! Good to know – I expect I will given I am a fussy veggie too – no doubt I will find it extra tough.

          2. I haven’t been to Japan, but it is my experience that in Asia (mostly China), thanks to Buddhism’s influence, most if not all restaurants understand and do their best for vegans and veggies.

  2. I’m about to do the same. Not sure my blog style & kids books go hand in hand exactly, so I’ll be putting my naughty bits (if you’ll pardon the expression!) in a new place!

  3. All over this. We’re daylight and dark on genre but you’re energy and enthusiasm is a much needed kick in my pudgy butt. You’re info is treasure, too. Can’t wait, Sis.

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