Sacha’s Books is LIVE!

Hey, folks, just a little note to say my new website is now live and you can totally stalk me over there if you fancy it.


The site, if you forgot, (shame on you) is:

The content will include:

Book reviews (primarily YA, science fiction, fantasy and dystopian, but don’t be surprised if you find a raft of other books).

The previous weekly wonders style conspiracy and book inspiration posts that were posted on this site.

Updates on my fiction book launches

The inspiration I find for my books that if you’re a writer, you might also find useful.

A bit of ranting and journalling thrown in for good measure


That’s it. If you’re interested in my upcoming non-fiction book launch: 13 Steps To Evil – How To Craft Superbad Villains, then you can sign up for news here.


  1. I love the new site! But I can’t follow it. 🙁 Whenever I got onto the site it treats me as though I don’t have a WordPress account and there’s no log-in button anywhere (even though I’m still technically logged in).

    1. It’s self hosted so on the right hand side is an ’email’ follow thing. I’ll have a look tonight to see if I have missed a button/widget thing to see if I can get the email thing working

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