13 Steps to Evil – How to Craft Superbad Villains – Cover Reveal

Today is a big day, for a lot of reasons… I’m still breathing for one, that’s always an achievement. But the real reason is because today is the day I reveal the cover of 13 Steps to Evil – How to Craft Superbad Villains.

I know cover reveals are a big and exciting moment for anyone, but frankly, I am a little terrified!

The first reason it’s daunting is because this is my first book…Okay, technically, it’s my second, but it’s the first one being published. Which means this is the first time I’ve done a cover reveal.

The second reason is because until now, I’ve been able to back out. I might have said I was writing a book, but there was no proof! Other than me being supremely antisocial and hiding away behind a laptop screen for months, who was to say I was doing anything? Maybe I was scouring the internet for the best small arms deals, or for Darth Vader lego sculptures made by the hands of the real Santa.

Book? What book? Phsst.

There was no evidence of book related projects, until now….. 

I’ve spent an awfully long time talking about, but not actually publishing a book, so to reveal this cover, (which I’ve kept stowed away for months whilst I huddled in the safety of denial) feels like a momentous occasion.

From this point on, there is no going back. I have to publish or else suffer the shame of public humiliation for not doing the one thing I said I would.

There’s no going back.

I am on the battlefield waving my white undies in terror because I’m finally surrendering to the publishing world. This glorious figment of my imagination, my secret pet I’ve kept hidden from wife, son, mother and friends is here. It’s alive, tangible, real, a big fat fucking elephant in the room. Only instead of it looming quietly in the corner, it’s dancing around the internet doing the conga smothered in rainbow coloured paint and fairy dust screaming “HELLO BITCHES I’VE ARRIVED!”

There is no going back. Ever. The countdown to publishing has started. So, I might as well confess that I am aiming to publish sometime between Mid-April and Mid-May *gulp, bites nail, twitches nervously*

I’ll shut my trap now… Here is the cover reveal for 13 Steps to Evil – How To Craft Superbad Villains, my first writing craft book that teaches writers how to create better Villains.

If you like the cover and are interested in who designed it for me, you can contact the designers, Andrew and Rebecca Brown through their facebook group here. My thanks to Dylan Hearn for recommending them.

 I’d love to know what you think, drop me a line in the comments.

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  1. Awesome, Sacha! Congratulations on getting your book thus far, and thank you for revealing your cover. It’s quite intriguing with the cold greyness and the almost obscured face. But what I like most is the snake, the origin of evil, made from the nib of the pen. I think that’s rather clever. Though I see it has been referred to by others as a tail. If I’m wrong – oh well – it seems fitting to me. I guess a tale of a tail is too. I wish you great success. 🙂

    1. Thank you Norah, glad you like the different aspects, I love the blurred face and the snake/tail equally 😀 I have to say, I’d not seen it as a snake till you said it, but that’s exactly what it looks like! what a great observation.

      1. What did the illustrator intend? I guess I thought of the way evil and snakes have been linked since, well, you know when. It was an easy connection for me to make.

          1. Eh, it’s going. I figured it would be a continuation of 2016 and wasn’t far off the mark. Hoping to get back to writing a new project tomorrow since today goes to prepping the next release.

          2. ahhh, I get that in October – it was brutal. How can you want to hibernate now though? It’s getting lighter already THE SUN IS COMING CHARLES, the sun is coming!!

          3. lol. I like to think of myself as a bear! I 100% hibernate, but mostly in early winter, I only need a sniff of sun and I’m out of sleep mode like a shot!

  2. Purple? Who’d have thought!? As for the Roswell esque alien peeping though well that creepy as all heck, much like Mr Gifford my old Latin teacher now I think about it. Well done on exposing yourself so… ‘writers are naturists – discuss’ could be a post.

  3. Nice cover for a non fiction book. Subtle glimpse of evil at the back. Could the background perhaps be more visibible somehow? I’m thinking on phones or b/w screens, the background might dissolve and that would be a pity. Just a thought. Good luck with the launch? I love villains! When will it be?

    1. Thanks Luccia, 😀 😀 I’ll have a see – I’ve signed it off already, not sure if they will make changes again but I can ask. I will test it on the phone too to see what happens.

      I am aiming for a May launch, April if I can, but I suspect May is more realistic

      1. It’s a very cool design! Can’t wait to see the content

        I’m good, thanks! Progressing on the second draft of my manuscript, and prepping some exciting posts for the blog, including an interview with an accomplished TV writer I’ll be publishing in the coming weeks. Just churning out words, same as you, SB!

        1. oh god, the content… Do you know sometimes when you’re so engrossed in just achieving something that you totally forget about the consequences… like, you know, people actually reading your book…. *Reaches for paperbag* *tries to slow breathing*

          ooooh that does sound exciting, I wana see the TV writer. How are the Zombies?

  4. I love it, Sacha. Purple always catches my eye, especially when it’s so … large! Nice contrast between the purple and black. The serpentine “i” is a nice touch. And the blurred empty-orbital-eyed villain in the background lends an intriguing eeriness. Great job! You can stop biting your nails now. You’re on the train, so you might as well enjoy the ride 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Tina 😀 😀 😀 😀 what a lovely comment! 😀 hehe, but but…. but… I am soooo nervous! Okay, fine, I’ll TRY and pause the nerves long enough to enjoy it 😀

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