13 Steps To Evil #Writespiration Writing Competition Winners

It’s been a little longer than I anticipated due to an untimely bout of burnout followed by shingles. But nonetheless, back in June, I announced a writing competition to celebrate the launch of 13 Steps To Evil and we now have winners!

I was amazed at the number of entries and the quality of all of them. It took me three nights to choose winners because I loved them all.

I want to thank everyone who participated and say that even if you haven’t won, your entries were excellent.

Before I announce the winners, here’s a little reminder of what you’ve won:


1st Place

  • Signed paperback of 13 Steps To Evil
  • £20 Amazon voucher
  • A first chapter or 1000 word critique from me
  • Your choice of a critique of your book marketing plan or an hour skype advice session on marketing your book. (Some pre-work will be needed if you choose a skype session)
  • Publication of your winning entry on this website
  • Critique of one of your villainous characters (either by a summary or selection of 3 key chapters with your villain in them)

2nd Place

  • Ebook copy of 13 Steps To Evil
  • A first chapter or 1000 word critique from me
  • Publication of your entry on this website

3rd Place

  • Ebook copy of 13 Steps To Evil
  • Publication of your entry on this website



First Place: Diana Wallace @DWallacePeach

Diana’s entry is so visual and sinister, I absolutely loved it. Her flash evokes strong and twisted images in my imagination and I pictured every single moment of it. A fantastic writer and utterly brilliant villain.


Barus by Diana Wallace

The woman studied him in silence. Barus sensed her eyes on his face, begging for a glance, on his hands as he cleaned the delicate needles and polished his blades. He possessed exquisite hands, long-fingered, soft and nimble. Hands for caressing the cheeks of children and lovers.

His preparations complete, he faced his charge. “Are you comfortable?”

Her brow furrowed, and he sighed, for how could she answer such a question? “An unfair inquiry. My apologies. Are you in pain? Thirsty?”

She shook her head, the gag preventing all but a muffled reply.

“You must understand the empire’s need for a flaying, a warning to all who flirt with rebellion. Your ordeal will save hundreds, perhaps thousands of lives.” He took a stool beside her chair, brushed a bright tear from her eye, and stroked her iron-bound arm. “I shall be quick.”

Her fingers curled into a fist. He withdrew his touch, the time for compassion ended. The life of his young son depended on unbearable pain, and he, the emperor’s latest executioner, would comply.

He unbound her gag, and she spat in his face, cursed his spirit to the shadowlands. He smiled at her prophetic appeal. Needles first, then knives. The entire city would hear her scream.


Second Place: Charise de Becker

Charise’s villain is deliciously evil. I love the concept behind it and the nasty habit of finger collection. It made me smile and shudder and laugh at the mention of 13 Steps To Evil.


Evil At Your Fingertips by Charise de Becker @RiesieDe

Clive was awkward but careful, an avid reader with an insatiable appetite.

He had other collections, besides books, the ultimate being his collection of fingers.

Gazing at the neatly labelled digits, magnified by formaldehyde, he caressed each one and reorganised them chronologically.

Holding on to the most recent jar, he imagined he could feel his victim’s power, their skill through their fingertips.

The irony was, growing up he was always surrounded by pointing fingers, accusing stares, vicious whispers – he was the killer’s kid – but unlike those fingers, these ones gave him a sense of purpose and peace.

Hearing the rusty post box, he replaced the jar and headed to the drive to retrieve his package.

Slicing through the box, Clive withdrew his copy of ’13 Steps to Evil’ and held the book up to his nose, he breathed in the new book smell, caressing the cover with his scarred finger tips.

It would make excellent reading for his long trip to London.

Tucking it away in his on-board bag, he turned to his computer, bringing up his favourite blog page and zooming in on the author.

She was brilliant.  With brilliant, skilled fingers.  His new thrill now, was getting one of those delicious digits through customs.


Third Place: Judy E Martin aka Edwina’s Episodes @Edwinasepsiodes

Judy took me by surprise, and that’s why I loved her poem. She’s a fantastically witty poet, and her ability to rhyme, unrivaled. But how could I not give her a place with the winners with her choice of villain? An awesome poem that I will laugh at for a long time. A truly wicked one too! 


The task this week should be a breeze

Though it is not in my realm of expertise

But I’m ready and willing

To write a bad-ass villain

So, the taskmistress, I can appease!


Every week she gets more commanding

You’d think she’d be understanding

Always upping the ante

#Writesiration vigilante

Her standards are very demanding!


Did you know she has a committee?

The members of which I do pity

They do as they’re told

Or terrors unfold

I’ve heard it  gets rather shitty


She plays nicely once every year

When at the Blogger’s Bash she appears

In her  killer black heels

Oozing charm and appeal

While plotting her evil ideas


Sometimes there is some relief

Although it is often quite brief

She tries to beguile

Being kind for a while

But wickedness still lurks underneath


She has just written a book

And I have already taken a  look

13 Steps to Evil

Caused me quite an upheaval

She knows how to create a good crook


Now just between you and me

So many similarities I see

With the villains and her

I’m sure you’ll concur

They are all based on her, can’t you see?


Now I know you’ll think I am whack

The worst villain is Sacha Black!


Thank you once again to everyone who entered and congratulations to the winners I will be in touch in the next couple of days to give you your prizes.




  1. Wow!Thank you SO much for choosing me as one of the winners, I’m truly thrilled and delighted. Thank you for stretching our brains with your Writespiration Challenge and for being such a (lovable) evil villain!!! 😉😉

      1. Yes I can imagine and you have had a lot on your plate. How are you feeling now have the shingles left you in peace. Sending hugs…💜. I have to say I love Judy’s entry lol you have been sussed! 😱😊💜💜

  2. Yeah!!! It’s just because I read your book, Sacha, and tried to apply all your suggestions! I’m just thrilled. Huge Congrats to Charise and Judy too. I love the creativity. 🙂 Doing a happy dance. <3

    1. Haha, I’m sure this was all you. MEGA congratulations, such a stunning piece of writing. I’ll drop you an email this weekend to get your address etc 💖💖😍 huge congrats 🥂🎉

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