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An 8 Point Guide to Creating The Perfect Writer's CV

An 8 Point Guide To Creating The Perfect Writers CV

I had to update my CV this week and then for one reason or another I had to create a writers CV as well. This stumped me. I mean, what does that even look like? I’d never written a CV just for my writing stuff before. What is it meant to include? Is it different from a normal CV? I gave it a bash and then decided I probably ought to do what I do best, and research. So here are the top tips I have gathered on creating your perfect writers CV. Continue reading

Interview With Author Lockard Young

Lockie Young

Please welcome the lovely, and extremely funny Lockie Young. You can find out more about Lockie on his: Website, Blog, or Facebook. You can find his first book here, his sequel here, and some of his short stories here.

Continue reading

Nurture Yourself in the Pursuit of Perfection #1000speak

Nurture Yourself in The Pursuit of Perfection #1000speak

There used to be a time when I would accept nothing less than perfection. I still fight the frustration when I’m not completely perfect.

I’ve come to believe perfectionism it’s a disease. An infection that slowly eats away at your skin until it buries itself into your bone and spreads to every corner of your body like an angry cancer. The growing niggle questioning whether perfectionism is something to be strived for, or maybe, abhorred has become a raging monster, and now, a blog post… Continue reading

Writing Challenge Entries #5

Writing challenge entries

I have no idea how another week has gone by, time seems to slip through my fingers at the moment. Here is my weekly round up of writing challenge submissions, which is one short this week. Sorry Keith, if anyone fancies a writing challenge, he always has a wonderful picture to inspire :). Continue reading

Interview With Award Winning Author Regina Puckett

Regina Puckett

If you would like to be featured like this on my blog, drop me a line.

I am delighted to present an interview with Regina Puckett, award winning author and poet, who I am particularly interesting in seeing her answers because she is a steampunk writer, a concept I am fascinated by. You can find Regina on Facebook, Weebly, Goodreads or Twitter Continue reading

Interview With Author Ruary Mackenzie Dodds

Ruary Mackenzie Dodds

If you would like to be featured like this on my blog, drop me a line.

The next author in this series is my wonderfully talented Uncle Ruary. Which makes me even more honoured to feature him in this series.

Ruary has two books currently published see the photos below, or you can visit his website to find out more. Continue reading

Interview With Award Winning Author Esther Newton

Esther Newton Author Interview

If you would like to be featured like this on my blog, drop me a line.

I had the pleasure of meeting Esther through the writers bureau, where I am studying a creative writing course and she is my really, truly fantastic tutor. :). Esther is an award winning writer, tutor, author, novelist, and generally awe inspiring freelance writer, so of course I had to ask her for an interview. To which she obliged… Continue reading

Writing Challenge Submissions


I’ve participated in two writing challenges this week. I find it hard to do one usually, but for some reason my muse was with me this week. I don’t usually share my challenge responses on my own blog, but I thought what the hey, this week I would.

The first challenge I participated in was Esther’s,who this time used a photo as inspiration here’s my entry: Continue reading

#Read about Guest Aspiring #Author Sacha Black

Big thanks to Chris for featuring me, what an honour, and equally big thanks to Geoff for suggesting it. ? If you are ever at a loose end you should check Chris’s blog out it’s full of amazing resources 🙂