Bloggers Bash 2018 – The Committee & Date

Summer recess is over, we’ve tanned our legs, drunk all the sangria, completed hops over various ponds, and now we’re back in the organizing seat ready to kick start the Bloggers Bash 2018.


Over the next few weeks, there will be a number of posts and announcements on the blogger’s bash. But first let me tell you about a date change (I know. Don’t kill me, but we had to change the date of the bash).

The Bloggers Bash 2018 will be on Saturday 19th May.

And now, I want to introduce you to the new committee… 

For anyone that doesn’t know, The Bloggers Bash is a social event for bloggers organized by a lovely committee which I’ll tell you all about in a moment. The purpose of the bash is to bring together the blogging community and provide an opportunity for everyone to meet the friends they have made online.

The bash had the same committee for its first three years. But due to the growing popularity of the bash, we decided we needed to grow the committee too. One of our original members, Ali Isaac decided to step down because she donned her scholars cap and is attending (and absolutely smashing) university, studying all things Irish history and mythology. As founder, and on behalf of the other two original minions, Geoff and Hugh, I’d like to personally thank Ali for everything she did for us, we are indebted and will miss you dearly but we wish you all the luck with your studies.

So to the new committee for 2018:

First up, MOI….

Sacha Black

Boss and chief organizer

Sacha is the founder of the Bloggers Bash. She lives in Hertfordshire with her wife and son and has recently published her first book, 13 Steps To Evil. Her debut YA Fantasy novel Keepers will be out on November 17th. Sacha blogs about the world of writing, publishing, and books and also runs a very successful weekly writing prompt. She lives to break the rules and spends a lot of her time writing and classifies herself as a hardened night owl.



Geoff Le Pard


Chief scout, venue finder and legal representative if anyone ends up arrested.

Geoff lives in London and, as well as writing, loves to bake and enjoys watching cricket. He has a wicked sense of humour and usually ends up bringing lots of home-baked cakes to the Bloggers Bash. Geoff’s blog covers a variety of subjects, including travel, flash fiction, family memories and humour. He’s been a member of the committee since the first year the event took place. He has published a number of books, the last of which is called Buster And Moo.



Hugh Roberts

Chief Entertainer, paper chaser, and cameraman for the day.

Hugh lives in Swansea, South Wales, and enjoys frightening people with his short stories that all come with a twist. He lives with his civil partner and, when not writing, enjoys walking his two Cardigan Welsh Corgis. He’s been a member of the committee since the first year the event took place. He published his first collection of short stories, Glimpses, in December 2016. He blogs about a wide range of subjects including flash fiction, photography, music and blogging.


Graeme Cumming

Treasurer and keeper of the keys to the Bloggers Bash vaults.

Graeme Cumming is the author of Ravens Gathering, a horror/fantasy thriller and is currently working on a follow-up, Carrion. Reflecting his influences as a writer, he blogs nostalgically about TV shows and movies from his childhood and teens, his love of live music and his experiences on and in water. He lives in Robin Hood country, where many of his stories are set.



Helen Jones

Marketing, Sponsorship, and Bloggers Bash web site builder.

Helen Jones is an author, blogger and writer – basically, she loves working with words. After spending most of her life moving around the world, she now lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and daughter and spends her days telling stories. Helen has published a number of books, including The Ambeth Chronicles series.



Shelley Wilson

Bloggers Bash Communications Manager and tells the other committee members what to say at interviews.

Shelley divides her time between blogging and writing motivational non-fiction books for adults, and the fantasy worlds of her YA fiction. Her recent book is called Oath Breaker. She was born in Leeds but moved to the West Midlands when she was a youngster. She is a single mum to three teenagers, a fat goldfish and a crazy black cat called Luna. Her favourite things (apart from her children) are vampires, mythology, history, and pizza. Shelley is an avid reader and book blogger with a passion for Netflix binge watching sessions.

Shelley can be found lurking on Twitter and Facebook all the time (she wishes to add procrastination to her favourite things list!)


Adam Dixon

Bloggers Bash (ABBA) Awards Coordinator (including counting the votes) and ensuring the right envelopes are handed out on the day.

Adam is a fiction addict. If he’s not lost within the pages of a novel he’s staining his fingers with ink as he attempts to create his own, and is longing for the day when his name sits proudly on the bookshelf. His blog is an extension of this ambition, and he’s constantly impressed with the fantastic work he comes across from others. Three things he’s gained from blogging: a sense of community, constant encouragement and several new online heroes!


Suzie Elliot

Bloggers Bash Social Media Manager and blog traffic director.

Suzie is a former teacher turned blogger and social media manager who devotes her time to helping bloggers grow their blogs and boost their traffic. She is the creator of the  Twitter link-up and the Big Up Your Blog Facebook group. She lives in Birmingham with her partner – The Bloke – and her cat. She writes about anything and everything that takes her fancy but particularly loves creating self-help and motivational style posts.



    1. Me too, I organised a housesit [a repeat] in North Yorkshire for us in May, thinking we could head to London in June. Oh well!! might have to organise to catch up with a few bloggers in the places we will be next year!

  1. It amazes me how early in advance you guys do this! Understandably so, but still. I can’t promise I’ll be able to make it next year, but… some day. Some day I will get there!

  2. Woohoo! The Bash was well worth the planning and traveling to London. It was the high point of our European vacation! I really enjoyed meeting my blogger friends and making new connections. I hope I can make it to another one sometime.

  3. What a great team Sacha, good luck and love to Ali. Great to see the stalwarts Hugh and Geoff still with you and welcome to the new members. I am delighted that we have less time to wait!! I love the Bloggers Bash. Love to you all 💜💜💜💜

  4. What a great line-up for the committee” Sob! Wish I could be working with you all. I’m not even sure if I can make that date… it’s my mum’s 70th birthday on 19th May, and also my exams start on May 11th. I won’t know the dates of my own exams till much nearer the time, but this year I had exams on a SATURDAY… I kid you not! Sigh. I felt bad enough about leaving the committee, but to miss it completely… ugh, don’t even want to think about that! Well I’m going to book my flight anyway, and if it turns out that I have an exam that day, well, so be it. Date’s in my diary, keeping everything crossed…

      1. Oh no! I’m so sorry! The venue was always the biggest problem, wasn’t it? I’m sure it will work out ok in the end. We never really get a true idea of how many people are coming till quite late. Chin up! When do tickets go on sale?

        1. Not for a few weeks or a couple of weeks I’m a bit behind the committee have already mapped it I’ve just not had a chance to look as I’m less than 10k from the finish line of Keepers so I’m obsessing over that atm

          1. Ok well keep on going… can you see me cheering you on at the finish line? There’s a cocktail waiting for you at the end… actually there’s a bucket of cocktails! 😂🏆🍹😙

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