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The 6 Most Sinister Villain Personalities – Crafting Villains #4

Some villains are just plain nuts, right? Wrong.

Whether or not mental health disorders should or shouldn’t be used to create sinister villains isn’t up for debate. They are used, whether anyone likes it or not, and frequently used too. Let me be clear; I am not suggesting people or characters with mental health issues are all villains or antagonists. What I am saying is that some of the great villains in literary and film history have these disorders. What’s unfortunate is that most of the time they’re used in a clichéd or subtly discriminatory way.

Understanding these disorders and their sometimes comorbid nature allows us to create more authentic villains. I want to tread carefully here; I think it’s important to respect mental health and the sufferers and to remove the myths and misonomers surrounding them.

There are some important lessons we can learn from these illnesses which can help us to bring authenticity to our characters. Having an awareness of these disorders can give you insight, genuine reactions, and understanding of what the source of their conflict can be – which gives you more plot and more depth to your characters.  Continue reading