1. I’m getting to bed later, but like you I assume I have to work.
            I always feel as if writing that late can’t be the best, I guess you’re the exception to that rule lol

          2. Yep – I work full time as well as having a toddler! How I get any time to write is a mystery! But thanks ? that’s a lovely thing to say although I guess you haven’t seen much of my fiction yet! What are u working on?

          3. I don’t know how I get time either. I have work and a full house and a load of jobs that ho with it.
            I’ve not had chance to catch up on your fiction yet. I really must do.
            I’m working on one novel now, two churning in my head and blog battles. Plus the blog. Whew!

          4. I haven’t posted any for a while, that’s what I meant – don’t think I’ve posted any since we met.

            What genre do you write in? How far through your novel are u?

            I’m currently editing

          5. I’m well into scifi and fantasy, a bit on the historical side… kind of lord of the rings stuff.
            I’m not far into my novel, it’ll be a while yet.
            I’m also trying out wattpad to put some of the work I’ve done on it and get another following there with minimal extra effort.

          6. Careful what u put on watt pad though as you can’t get some stuff on kindle – I don’t know exactly what the legal is round it but I know a few people have have problems

          7. Lol I can send you some if you’re really interested but it’s mostly YA fantasy and dystopian stuff ?.

            I do love a bit of sci fi I’m always saying I should write more.

          8. hmm, ok, I only have bits of flash though as my dystopian stuff isn’t really good enough to be shared yet. I’ll send you a couple of bits of flash – but no pressure to read them 😀

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