Impossibly Connected – Auras, Energy and Universal Life Forces

AurasI’ve had more than one of those jaw dropping moments. The excuse me while I demonstrate my gormless look and allow my brain to crap itself.

I’m talking about when you meet someone for the first time and are so overwhelmed by the ‘we must have been separated at birth‘ feeling that your soul has an orgasm over this impossible, unearthly connection.

I’m not sure I even have the word to describe?! But I’m better you know what I mean.

It’s not always positive either, have you ever met someone, or seen someone from across a room, and taken an instant dislike to them? A dislike so deep-seated you’d make Professor Umbridge look like child’s play?

           I have.

image curtsey of google

Image curtsey of google

I visited the same hairdresser for years, then out of no where I became anxious about having my hair washed in the sinks. It got so bad I had to wash my hair before going to the salon to prevent the anxiety attacks I was having. That’s when I realised what the problem was.

It wasn’t a what. It was a ‘who‘. A new girl had started around the time I got anxious and her touching my head was sending me kaakaa. When I told the hairdresser, he confirmed my suspicions and said she’d been stalking him, following him home and threatening to cry rape if he didn’t have sex with her…

How did I know that she was bad news? Every time I went near her it felt like she was one of Harry Potters dementors sucking the life out the air.

It could be a coincidcence, just one of those things, only, it’s not the only time it’s happened to me, and I’m not the only one that talks about this kind of thing.


Photo curtsey of Fernando from Flickr

Photo curtsey of Fernando from Flickr

Supposedly there is a force, an inexplicable energy that surrounds and flows through us, connecting us all. It goes by a multitude of names: Qi, Ki, Huna, prana and the Chemist Baron Carl Von Reichenbach called it the Odic life-force after the Norse god Odin.

It’s even referenced in famous films like, Star Wars.

Chambers Dictionary of the Unexplained defines it as thus:

“A field of energy said to be produced by and to surround all living beings. It can allegedly be sensed or seen by people with paranormal abilities.”

There are endless accounts of this energy and the channels it flows through in our bodies. There are those who claim they can see your aura too. Several natural medicine fields, like Reiki, focus on these channels and our bodies energy.

Photo curtsey of Scott from Flickr

Photo curtsey of Scott from Flickr

Interestingly, the word ‘aura’ is Greek, and it means “breath”

This energy/aura is linked to our chakras, when a person is healthy the flow of energy is natural and smooth – when someone is unhealthy the flow is disturbed. It’s these disturbances combined with mood and emotional swings that affect our auras and the perception we have of them.

A long time ago I knew a person who, despite being lovely, used to exhaust me. I would find myself physically leaning away from them in my seat. It felt like I was being vibrated every time I was near them. I had no idea I was doing it, until someone called me out on it and asked why I leant away from this person! Years later, someone told me that people who had been attacked violently often extend their ‘aura’ or energy further so that they have a protective barrier, and this is what was vibrating against me. They had been attacked. Whether that was the cause of what I felt though, I have no idea.

I have a fascination with this connection, the invisible string that somehow ties us all together, and I don’t mean the six degrees of separation! What is it? How is it a child I know can tell you your aura colour the moment you walk into their presence? How and why do Reiki practitioners get hands that burn at ferocious temperatures?

I’ve had acupuncture twice. The first to treat neck injuries, which worked amazingly, the second to try to force me into labour, it didn’t work and I continued to be a whale for a week longer!

Supposedly, anyone can see their aura, whether it’s an illusion I’m not sure, but this short YouTube tells you how.

Let me know in the comments if you tried it and whether or not you saw anything. I did. My wife didn’t. Go figure. Maybe it is just a visual illusion.

What if we are all connected? Joined by an invisible thread, maybe soul mates really are true. I’d love to believe that. I have read somewhere that those souls that are fated to be together often follow each other into the next life, albeit as siblings. A strange thought, moderately incestuous! Given that the ancients often practiced incest in order to keep bloodlines pure I can see where the idea came from. Still, the thought of being with someone really, truly forever is a nice one.

Image from Amazon. This post was inspired an entry in this book, which you can find here.

Image from Amazon. This post was inspired an entry in this book, which you can find here.

This weekly wonder seems to have been more of a stream of consciousness and a trip down my memory lane than my usual fact-finding mission. But it was purposeful. I have a character in my novel that is sort of ethereal and magical and can read/tell ‘things’ but I am still defining what those ‘things’ are, hence the research.

I like the idea that characters that could sense, or feel, or see the colours that fill our auras. What if a character was afflicted with a sight that meant they could read lies from someone’s aura? Or what if they could solve crimes just by looking at a person? Or what if they knew when people were sick, or exactly what was wrong with them.

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  1. You are absolutely spot on, Sacha! I’m a Reiki Master and have worked with Chakras and universal energy for many years. I’ve also learnt to pull in my energy (I was attacked) so it doesn’t harm others. Due to my training I opened up my higher self and become all the more aware of the energy (good and bad) from those around me. It’s quite a juggle to balance your emotions but it’s also a marvellous thing to witness. I can’t wait to meet you in June, I’m convinced we were separated at birth! 😉

    1. Glad you agree! I would LOVE to do a Reiki course. I am going to try and do my first one before I’m 30. But time is ticking. I will have to pick your brains about Reiki and your higher self. AND how you balance everything because it wasn’t actually a bag of fun being vibrated against! and haha, we totally were separated at birth, no doubt about it.

  2. I tried, but I have trouble seeing anything these days. I tend to feel auras, so I know they do exist. Brilliant post as always (and the book sounds interesting!)

    1. Thank you :D. Interesting that you feel auras. It’s funny because I can’t ‘see’ colour. Only the translucent field. I ‘feel’ a persons colour… which I guess is just another word for their energy in some respects.

  3. Yep well you know me. Sceptic central. But then I did my neck in the shower and was twisted like a pretzel. I went to the physio who tried a bit of the trad fingers and Knuckles stuff that had me weeping. ‘Let’s try acupuncture.’ He could have said colonic irrigation with a cactus by then. He stuck in a couple of needles and it was like getting a nail into a really tight knot and suddenly it was loose. Unbelievable. I was a convert. Then later I did a knee and said ‘what about acupuncture!’ He went for it and I fainted clean away but on the way out it was like a horse had chachachaed on my testicles. Go figure. I’m happy to give it a go but I am now wary. It’s very potent.

    1. haha, your my leading sceptic! Wouldn’t have it any other way.

      Interesting that the acupuncture only worked once AND had such severe consequences on the other occasion, like WOW how did it do that?!??!?!

  4. Wow, I love your post, Sacha. It is amazing what we feel and simply perceive without being taught about it all. There is this energy we all have and it can connect or separate (in reality we are all connected through it but some but some people feel like: RUN!) The example of the hairdresser is fantastic that way! Isn’t it cool to see the aura? It happened to me surprisingly 7 years ago when I joined a lecture of Wayne Dyer. He was performing in front of a black wall and all of a sudden I was distracted by the light around him. Amazing experience!

    1. Thank you Erika, I thought you might appreciate this post in particular.

      I want to hear all about the lecture and what you saw when we meet next month. How fascinating. I can only ever see the first layer – the kind of translucent layer, BUT I do feel the energy/colour but I can never see colour.

      1. Yes, I really appreciated this post a lot (but I do appreciate all your posts, Sacha). I cannot see the color either… would love to. I only see that shine around the person or a plant if I am concentrated. It is already a gift to see this. Yes, looking forward to talking about it! Hope we find some minutes… lol!

          1. We will!!! Oh, and I found out that it must have been Ali Isaac who got in touch with me. I found out about your last post where you link to the Blogger Bash nomination! I am so relieved!

  5. Such an interesting post…. I will definitely test out if I am able to see someone´s aura…
    Firstly I will need to find out a good applicant… not much the hairdresser´s type, you now..

    As to feeling being split out at birth as you say… I just wanted to mention where it comes from… well, at least a western philosophical background…
    The idea of platonic love and soulmates appears in Plato´s Dialogue, “The Symposium”, basically from Aristophanes speech…

    In brief, I´ll quote an excerpt of one of my posts which explains it…

    `Aristophanes´creation myth places humans of all three genders (androgynous, male, and female) in a primeval state of eternal bliss. However, we grew insolent in our blissful state and refused to properly honor the gods (and even tried to pursue them in their mountainous home). As punishment, we were split in two. Those with a “male” nature (the Children of the Sun) became homosexual men; those with a “female” nature (the Children of the Earth) became homosexual women; and the androgynes (Children of the Moon) became heterosexuals… This is the origin of our instinctive desire for other human beings. Those who are interested in members of the opposite sex are halves of formerly androgynous people, while men who like men and women who like women are halves of what were formerly whole males and females´.

    Your soulmate would be, then, your missing half… And lovewould be the name that we give to our desire for wholeness, to be restored to our complete, original nature.

    This is the post I made reference to, in case you want to check it out.

    Have an excellent weekend, dear Sacha… sending best wishes. Aquileana ?

    1. haha, well try with your own hand first – it will be easier to see than someone elses. WOW that is proper interesting. I had no idea that greek mythology split it like that, I am sat here, FASCINATED by this. I will definitely check out your post. SO theoretically then, I used to be a ‘whole’ female then, if I am attracted to women?! My mind is blown!

  6. First, I really hope that hairdresser got himself out of trouble. That sounds like a freaky situation.

    As for auras, I remember reading up on them in college and that’s probably why magical energy in Windemere is connected to them. I had it that everything in the world has an aura and casting spells is done by manipulating that energy. It gave me something more ‘physical’ than magic to use as a source. Still, there have been times when I’ve gotten a charge from a person. Typically, this is when I’m daydreaming and not fully aware of what’s going on. So I guess my defenses are down at this point.

    1. He did. But I forget how. I would not have wanted to be in that situation I can tell you that for nothing.

      How awesome that you have connections to it in your book. I find it fascinating that it’s when your defences are down. That’s quite often when people ‘see’ the auras too.

      1. Honestly, ‘aura’ got chosen because it was an internal energy word and really fit what I was aiming for. Took a few editing runs for it to get included. Never seen an aura. Always been more of a feel.

  7. Oooh this was soooo interesting. And I totally know what you mean. There are some people I can’t abide to have touching me, and other ones I don’t mind (though I’m not overly tactile). I like to think of it as people being a bit like magnets – put the wrong ends together and they’ll massively repel! Given the electrical charge going on in the brain it’s not impossible…

    I love these posts of yours 🙂

    1. Thanks Icy 😀 Glad you agree. Interesting that you’re not tactile. Neither am I. But now I am wondering if that’s because it’s a defence mechanism? Maybe we subconsciously become less tactile because we’re more aware of how imposing other people’s energy can be? That magnet analogy is SPOT on. What an awesome way to describe it. I wish I could do them every week. They just take up too much time! sigh.

  8. I’m one that believes that we are all intuitive. We are all born with intuition and we learn to block it over time. Hunches, gut feelings, knowing something is “off” with someone, that intense dislike or immediate connection when you meet someone, I think those are all signs of our intuition. We call it different things and try to brush it off because we live in a world of facts and things we can prove. The older I get (I’m only 30… ;)) the less I believe in coincidence and the more I learn to trust my intuition. One that we easily accept is mother’s intuition, and a lot of times it presents itself as a gut feeling or a deep knowing without there being evidence to support it. Sounds like you are very in touch with yours Sacha and the more you pay attention to it, the more you explore it, the stronger it gets.

    1. Yes I have to agree. There is a big conspiracy around fluoride. Supposedly the government puts it in our water system to block our ‘third eye’ which is responsible for our intuition. I have no idea if there’s any substance to that. But I do know that fluoride damages the pineal gland which is the structure in the brain that looks like an eye! specifically the eye of horus. I am with you anyway. I agree about following your gut. I wish that we ‘as a society’ had more confidence in following our gut.

      1. To me it seems that as a society it’s accepted if your a cop or a detective, you can get by on mother’s intuition if it has to do with your child but outside of that it’s not so easily accepted. I could be wrong that’s just my small experience in a big world 😉

          1. I’m coming across more and more people that are in touch with their intuition and the more I tap into mine the more people I meet… I think things are going back to being curious about this. Before it was life or death so people didn’t speak as openly about it. Maybe now things are circling back around…

          2. You know that doesn’t surprise me. I know a few people that have become more in tune with this side of themselves and then found that like minded people are drawn to them. Law of attraction I guess.

  9. Interesting. Apparently toddlers and dogs are very sensitive to this ‘force’.

    I’m quite good at getting a sense for what an individual may/may not be like from very little verbal contact. You just get a vibe…

    1. Yeah that wouldn’t surprise me. Kids are meant to be able to see ghosts and stuff aren’t they? Because their third eye hasn’t been closed by adulthood. It’s weird isn’t it, that we can get vibes… but we all do.

  10. I have a great fascination with auras. I believe children can see auras and that is why they take to some people and cry the instant they see others. I wrote about auras in my book, about the sparkly auras and the swirling black, red auras that can suck the life out of everyone else’s aura. It’s really interesting, because I have met people that are so angry and dark, just their presence sucks the life force out of everyone around them.
    Really cool post!!!!

    1. So do I! I am convinced kids are open to all manner of things like that. What a good point too, about how some kids take to people and run terrified from others. I hadn’t thought of that but it’s so true. Ooh the swirling red sucking the life out of others sounds dark, is your novel fantasy? I agree about dark angry people sucking the life out of people but for me they have always been black. Not red. Red usually (for me anyway) is a sign of energy, confidence and passion, I guess sometimes aggression too.

      1. Umm – I think one of my reviewers actually referred to my novel as an ethical fantasy, which sounds super fancy. One of my characters was an angry, abusive man, whose aura trailed after him like a black cloud with a tail, and when he entered a room, it would just swallow everyone else’s aura up, dulling even the brightest of auras. It really is interesting stuff to think about, auras and energies and karma. There is so much more going on in this world that we choose not to see.

  11. Sacha, this was a very insightful stream of consciousness. There are many of us who are “sensitives” and pick up information that is tangible and intangible, whether by touch, scent, or cognition. You seem to have all three. I have had those sensations all my life and more. It’s a gift, used wisely. Thank you for a very insightful and teachable post. Karen

    1. Hi Karen, sorry for the misunderstanding, I moderate all comments, so that I make sure I reply to everyone, which is why you didn’t see your comment pop up.

      I’d never thought of myself as having a gift particularly, but that’s a lovely thing to say. Perhaps I will explore it more. I will do some research especially as you mention that specific word ‘sensitives’.

      Thank you again for stopping by.

  12. I can sense thing with my hand, it is quite strange. But it tells me if something is good or bad for me, and I sometimes try to use it to send positive or heeling energy to others.

  13. Interesting as ever, Sacha. Although I can’t point to any mind-blowing examples in my own life, I’m convinced that there is an energy connecting us all and have referenced it in Ravens Gathering. Though I refer to it as The Source, which I believe is an ancient name for it – or something like it. It also puts in an appearance in Carrion (or will do when I can get the bloody thing finished!). So, I’m with you on this.

    1. Merci buckets Graeme. I think you’re probably right about the energy connecting us, there are too many coincidences for it not to be true. Interesting that you call it the source. I like that. Reminds me a bit of the Matrix although I’ve no idea why!

      1. My editor seems to think it’s a rip off of The Force but, as I mentioned, I seem to think it’s an ancient reference and is where the word sorcery is derived from. I haven’t seen a reference to it recently but my partner, who has a keen interest in paganism and witchcraft (you should see our broom cupboard) has assured me that this is the case. So maybe George Lucas did the ripping off.

        1. Nah. I suspect the ‘force’ is a rip off of some ancient civilisations description of whatever it is.

          haha your broom cupboard! I’d actually love to! I bet I would have a field day of inspiration!

  14. Sacha, interesting post and I definitely believe that people can see auras. My friend was forever going on about everyone’s aura – including mine but in spite of her attempts to ‘teach’ me I never quite got the hang of it. There is another element to this world which we often shut out I think…

    1. Hi Annika, thank you. I agree. And so do a lot of people. There are definitely things we don’t understand or haven’t yet discovered I just wish we could

  15. I see auras sometimes. The lighting conditions have to be just perfect. I don’t know if it’s a mirage or hallucination or what. It’s fun, regardless. What interests me the most is that the colors I “see” are usually confirmed by other people.

    1. so cool that you can see them. Do you see colour or just white? I see a translucent type thing, but ‘feel’ the colour. I know. Sounds nuts, but *shrugs* is what it is.

  16. I know exactly what you’re talking about, Sacha. I think most people have had those instant impressions of another person’s energy. I don’t see auras and never have, though as a reiki practitioner, I do feel it. I heard that the energetic aura is the reason why it’s hard to get a name when we first meet someone – we’re immersed in processing their energy. These phenomena are one of the reasons that I believe we only understand a fraction of “reality” and that there are forces at play beyond our ability to scientifically discover them (for now). For me, it means that anything is possible 🙂

    1. What do you mean we find it hard to get a name? Don’t we just introduce and ask one another name? That confusion aside. I completely agree about processing peoples energy when we first meet them though. I also agree about not knowing the world we live in. I am convinced that is true.

      1. Sorry I wasn’t clear – some writer huh? Ha ha. I can never remember someone’s name when I’m introduced, and I have to ask again. I heard that the reason is because we’re processing the person’s energy so intensely that we miss the name on that initial introduction. It’s a minor point, I just always thought it was interesting 🙂

        1. Now that is proper fascinating. I’ve never heard of that but actually makes total sense…. oooooh that’s going to have me scratching my head all night now.

  17. I had that feeling once around a coworker who everyone seemed to like. Eventually she exposed herself as a real user who didn’t really care about anyone. But until she showed her true colors I always felt a bit wacky telling anyone the way I felt!

    1. No way. See, you should have believed in yourself. Listened to your gut. Cause you were right. SO right by the sounds of it. Why do we doubt our guts? I do it too. Too often, and I shouldn’t. Because my gut is always right. I suspect yours is too.

  18. I’m definitely going to try the aura thing! I used to scare myself by going kind of out of focus sometimes. And I have seen an invisible ‘shield’ around people, but not colours. I do see a lot of colours when giving or receiving reiki though, mostly purple and gold, but all sorts of other courses too. Interestingly, the last person I gave reiki to said she saw purple and she never sees colours. I get strong vibes about people too, but nothing as severe as you. A very interesting and intriguing post, Sacha. Xxx

  19. Thank you, dear Ali, for posting this on your FB page. I believe that, when we see a new person and either love or hate them, it is usually a past life recognition. And the ones I dislike upon first sight tend to be jerks. I’ve learned to always trust my gut feeling about them and keep my distance.Those I love right off the bat tend to become good friends Also, you might be leaning away from someone because they are energy vampires. They can be nice people, but they unconsciously suck the life out of you and part of you is really clear about that. I have an article about that on my website, CompassionateClearing.

  20. I’m going to have to try this. Now if only I can find someone who isn’t going to weird out by me staring at them or demand more candy than any child should eat…

      1. Alas, my hand’s aura remained stubbornly closed, but I know exactly what you mean by certain people causing a ‘get outta here’ reaction just by their walking into a room. I’ve felt it often enough (and have been later justified) to trust the feeling.

        1. ahh man. I hoped it would work. Ah well. I am probably delusional anyway! I feel a bit hysterical at the moment what with all the bash chaos!

          But at least you know what I mean by that ‘get the hell out of here’ reaction!

  21. I agree that some people seem to be more perceptive at seeing auras or getting vibes about people, I did try to see my own but couldn’t unfortunately,, but will try again! 🙂

  22. That’s a fascinating post, Sacha. I’ve heard various people speak of seeing or being aware of auras over the years, but I’ve never seen any myself. The suggestions in the video might be worth trying. I must admit, though, that I am a bit of skeptic so it will be interesting to find out whether I see anything or not. I like the way your thinking is going re your character. It’s great to find out what exists, and then extend the possibilities. Who know where your questions may lead.

    1. Thanks Norah. It is, like all these things, hard to believe. I’ll be interested to hear if you do see something though, part of me thinks anyone can, as I find it so hard to believe I assume its a trick of the light. But then because my partner couldnt see it, it makes me stop and reconsider… so many unknowns. sigh.

      1. Mine only loves me in the dark or when no one else is around. It’s like I am a dirty secret to him. On the other hand the woman up the street gets to cuddle him in daylight. I am questioning our cat / human relationship.

  23. Fantastic post Sach! I knew we were kindred spirits in more ways than one! 🙂 I know you and I have had a similar conversation about ‘knowing’ things about people by sense. I am blessed to have the ability to sense danger and trouble with people too. I don’t often speak about it because there are many people who don’t understand it, or dismiss it as being crazy or such. I loved the video on aura too. This is something I’ve been trying to get better at and I found this video quite helpful. I could see the aura around the guy in the video, now I must practice on myself. 🙂 And then I have to learn what the different colours signify. 🙂 And, oh, I will definitely be reblogging this next week. 🙂 xoxo

    1. aww thank you. I did think of you actually. I thought you might appreciate this one. I know what you mean about people who think you’re weird for having senses like that. I don’t often talk about it either. People look at you like you have lipstick on your teeth! I can’t see colours. I wish I could. I see the translucent field. Which apparently is the first layer. But the colour evades me. I do however sort of sense/feel the colour… if that makes sense??!

      Ahh shucks, thank you for the share <3 <3

      1. Omg, I’m just like you. I don’t see auras and colours, that’s why I loved the video. Seriously, I’ve been working on it, lol.
        And about the ‘senses’, we know as ‘those people’ when and who to not bother discussing this intuition with, it’s part of the intuition, lol. 🙂
        Man, you and I would have an absolute blast together. Imagine the energy in the room. 🙂 xo <3

          1. Lmao, yes, sisters from a different mother! Seriously, look out, I’m focusing on getting there next Bash!!! And I won’t be hard to spot in a crowd, so you won’t miss me. Just look for the flaming red hair lol. <3

          2. OMG. Do not even say that or I will actually pee my pants with excitement! and I’ve pushed a baby out… that could actually happen!

            haha, well you can look for the angry looking girl dressed in black looking like a rockstar with a massive quiff and shaved sides! :p hahahahaha

  24. Great post, Sacha, so interesting. I think I`ve had a lucky head start with seeing auras, colours and other things, as the knack for it runs way back in the family. Tarot cards started doing em when I was 15, healing since i can remember. My late aunt, Kathleen was super hot at reading the tea leaves, people used to come to her. I did do tarot cards for others but they left their energy in the home, so stopped now only do readings for friends. I can see auras and I was told this way. Darkened room, breathing steady then, just look, you will see it. It is sometimes called the seer stare, I practiced this as a child by looking in a mirror until you don`t see your reflection, it trains your mind. A mirror or a bowl of water. Another great training technique, I swear this works, is to take a normal deck of cards and try to tell what colour the card is before turning it over. If you practice and practice you can tell what suite and what card. This is a great technique for opening up the channels of the mind that “They”, the faceless “they” tell us we don`t need. Whew, hope this makes sense and hope you had a great weekend.

    1. wow, thats amazing. I’ve actually just started trying to read tarot cards. I have my own set, I bought them for research but I actually quite like doing them. wow – can you predict the cards then? That would be amazing. I might have to start practicing that.

  25. Never heard about this before and never experienced it. A very interesting read though. I’ve never felt any vibes from anybody. It’s only after speaking with someone that I seem to know whether we are going to get on or not. I guess I’m just too trusting because I’ll talk and listen to anybody and will only back away if they physically invade my space by placing their face too close to mine for example.

    I tried the aura experiment but only saw the shadow of my own hand as the outline. I’ve never witnessed any auras around anything. Not that I know about, anyway. Maybe some of us are naturally blind to them?

          1. You don’t need to blush – it’s true (not that I believe I could make you blush) when Lucy talks about blog envy – you’re my blog envy lol

  26. Well. You know where I stand on the whole aura, chi, chakras thing. ❤️????
    Love the invisible thread idea, too. Always have. I can’t wait to try that video. Crystals, essential oils, Reiki, Reflexology, Accupuncture…and never tried to see auras? Hmm… Odd that.

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