Calling All Writers – A Villainous Survey – I Need Your Help

villain-surveyCan you help me? If you don’t know, I am in the process of writing a non-fiction book that aims to help writers create the best villains possible.

In order to make sure the book is as helpful as possible, I want it to capture everything that would be useful to a writer, so I’ve created a survey, if you have a few minutes I’d be super snog your face off grateful if you filled it in and if you have another moment, shared the survey with a fellow pen-rat to fill in.

Ta muchly, SB xx

What aspect (or aspects) do you find most difficult when writing villains?

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August welcome



  1. This is a good page. It is well thought out and has a very good concept. It is a very clever idea to have a survey to get writers to suggest their ideas about writing villains. I have given my answers to the survey as I thought that it would be worth my while filling it in as I like to express things when I read blogs so thank you very much for the pleasure of asking me what I think. The blogs I comment on are usually ones I regularly read and I generally post comments on blogs that I follow to express what thoughts and ideas I can bring to the colourful world of writing and reading.

      1. Thanks a lot for liking my comments. I am really greateful that you showed an interest that I visited your page and read the content you’ve published there. It gives me pleasure and satisfaction that my content is good enough and has some interest and appeal towards readers when they like it. I really appreciate the feedback on the comments I place on other people’s blogs as well that I am following.

  2. I’m late to all the fun parties. Thanks for posting–and I hope there’s a blog post condensing what you glean from us.

  3. A tip I like- give every single character a trait you admire at least a little bit. Even the villains. Hope it helps a little πŸ™‚

  4. I just spent an hour filling it out and as I was typing in my email but before I finished it started sending on my phone and I looked down and it said message sent back ugh I got so fristsadrd. I’m already late for Turkey day lol. ?/! You check and see iif by chance if came through it’s very long with a lot of villains

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