Writespiration #123 52 Weeks in 52 Words Week 27

writespiration-2017We’re over half way through, can you believe it? It’s gone in a flash as always, 2017 is bringing 52 challenges over 52 weeks.

Your challenge is to write your story using the weekly theme/prompt and write it in just 52 words…. EXACTLY, no more, no less.

Submit your entries in the comments or on a blog post. You have until Sunday to enter.

This week your challenge is to write about:

The secret you just discovered


    1. I didn’t even check it FAIL – Usually I check before they go live but because I am still in Lanzarote I forgot. SO behind. It’s going to be a pain in the butt when I get back next Tuesday! Sorry I haven’t read last week’s yet, I’ll catch up. Promise.

  1. My cookies disappeared. So I discovered why and confronted her.
    Oh, she looked so angelic when she called me, “a little screwy.”
    I needed to do something drastic. If it didn’t scare her a little bit, then what’s the point?
    I should be ashamed of myself. I’m not, but I should be.

  2. I’m just joining you in the 52 weeks in 52 words challenge. Here goes everything…

    I just discovered Β 

    That I can fly

    Hush hush now good people

    I tell you no lie-

    How can I humanly

    Mount to the sky?

    That is my little secret

    I say and I sigh-

    Okay, just one hint

    And a hardy goodbye

    With pen and pad

    You too can fly high.

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