1. Yes to all of this, Sacha! Without pulling back the curtain too much, I do have a purpose whenever I post anything on Instagram, WordPress, my public Facebook page and Twitter. I have an idea of what I’d like my brand to be and so consider content carefully. There’s also been a fair bit of learn-as-you-go – in my early blogging days I just wrote about writing. Then one day I wrote something different and whammo! New audience. And that’s a huge thing too – you have to know who your audience are and go where they are.

    1. Yes exactly and I am so glad it’s not just me 😀 😀

      Ahh I am so with you, have learnt SO much and this blog has had about 4 different lives. I think I am happy with it’s current one, although I would like to bring back the weekly wonders too, but it’s just time at the moment, they require so much research and I just don’t have time for it. So inevitably I write what I know and what I can produce quickly, which ends up being ‘writing’ related. Sigh.

      1. I think your blog is great! Message is on point, visual branding works well and it’s definitely your voice 🙂 You’ll get back to the weekly wonders when you’re ready.

  2. I love the suggestions. I like the middle one best. It is so true about the 4 aspects. It needs to be recognizable and it has to give you a good feeling connected with the message you want to spread. That can be so very difficult. Congrats and compliment to Allie!!!

  3. Middle one is nice, but I like the one on the left too. Really depends where you are going to be using it. On your books? Blog? As an avatar?

    I think people are getting a lot more savvy about branding/corporate ID. When I took over as PR manager for an organisation (it was a new post) I couldn’t believe the lack of consistency in what was being sent out. Just. Unbelievable. Writing a style guide banning 8pt Courier was a priority. Telling well paid managers (ie better paid than I was) to check their spelling, grammar, and overall sense, was another.

    1. Thank you 😀 I guess it might go on the spine of my non-fiction but then I’d need to remove the wording as it would be too small to see.

      I know what you mean about corporate branding – there are some faux pas I just cringe over, from senior people too (this is in my org) what can you do though? I’m only junior and I don’t care enough to shout.

  4. I LOVE your new branding Sacha! It is absolutely perfect, the colours, design and the ‘bad’ words’ bit!
    I laughed my head off reading this especially the bit about getting some branding to avoid being confused with ‘Chad the chunky butt cheese chunderer.’ HAHA! You are a bloody nutcase, but that is why I love reading your posts so much.
    I might have to pay Allie a visit some time and see what she can make out of my mad mutterings 🙂

    1. hehe, thank you <3 <3

      and that makes my day to hear I made you chuckle. :p Monday's suck, so everyone needs a giggle first thing in the morning 😀

      DO pay her a visit, she's a creative genius and has a knack of being able to capture the essence of 'you' REALLY quickly, she's awesome, but shhhhh don't tell her it might make her head explode :p

  5. Great Logo, Sacha! When I saw it pop up in my list of Notifications it caught my eye immediately (as a great logo should!). I LOVE the “Cog” look, as you might guess from my own, haha. Fantastic tag line too, really sums up your page into a snappy snippet!

      1. I ‘ve always found clockwork to be quite fascinating so I went with the name “Clockwork Clouds” for my blog. Despite not posting as regular as clockwork, the name stuck and I commissioned a Logo to match. 🙂 I just need a tagline now, mine is still dated from when teenage me thought he was being witty.

        Definitely pass my feedback onto Allie, I love the design. Especially with your colours blended into it. Beautiful work! As if you needed to stand out anymore 😉

  6. Haha! Omg yes! You and only you are so YOU! Defo consistent, and Everything you say up there about yourself is true. Except for your black heart. That part of yourself you Don’t know at all. As I have frequently pointed out to you. ???

  7. I have a question. When you are a published author will you change your blog name to your author name? I have been trying to decide what to do. Get a ColleenChesebro.com or keep silverthreading.com. Any advice?

    1. Sacha black is the name I am publishing under so no change needed, I am in the process of deciding whether to set up a fiction website as well tho…. but again under Sacha Black

        1. My guy says yes. Consistency is important and if you have the same name everywhere it’s easier to find you. Say someone reads your book and wants to find your website and they type your name in, they might not find you if your websites silver threading… but that’s just my opinion, I’m not an expert, just muddling my way through ??

          1. aww thank you <3 well I saw you made the change on your Facebook page, hope it's not caused you too much agro – I need to move to self hosted in the next couple of months. I'm dreading it.

  8. My favourite branding term I ever came across was “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”. Updated for modern life: What do people post on your wall, share with you, or say “I saw this and thought of you”?

    Mine seems to be weird-ass shit, bats, anything Gothic, mummies, and supernatural stuff. HELL YES.

    I use the same shade of purple on my site, along with Gothic looking images on my header, and the same fonts on all of my social media graphics. I want people to know that if you cut me, I’d bleed Goth.

    Though I don’t have a tagline for my brand yet. Just my books. Maybe I need to come up with one!

    1. I’m SO sorry for the delay – I just found this comment in my spam folder 🙁

      NOW that is an amazing amazing A.M.A.Z.I.N.G way of coining branding. I have no clue what people say about me but now I want to find out!! hahahahaha I saw this and thought of you, oh god – when I send you weird stuff you know it’s cause I love you right?!

      pahahha if you cut you you bleed goth – HILARIOUS. love that. I guess I bleed swear words and random metaphors?

      Frankly I like the tagline if you cut me I bleed goth!!!!!! <3 <3 this comment made me smile so many times

  9. Great post, Sacha. Not only do you share the four Things to branding, but you demonstrate them. My brand isn’t quite so keenly honed, I’m afraid, but I’m getting there little by little. You gave me some new ideas and a little homework. As always, thanks for sharing your incredible research and for making it fucking enjoyable to read (now that was totally outside my brand, but I couldn’t resist). 😀 😀

    1. ahhhh thank you that means a lot to me <3 <3 hahahahah omg you swore!!! hey, I tell ya, that's one thing that my swearing loses – the shock factor. Because I swear constantly it's not shocking any more sadly. Love that you swore over here! :p :p. To be fair, it's taken a long time for my brand to develop and honestly, I am not sure it's completely there yet, and there is a new one coming for my fiction when I split it off into its own website so then I am going to be totally head Fudged.

      1. Ah, so that’s the plan – separate website for the fiction. I was wondering how you were going to do that. I have a “book site” that I’m not giving enough attention to. I’ll be curious to learn your tips there too!

        1. I sitting pretty at 85% sure that I will separate out and do a fiction and non fiction, but the fiction will be pretty static. Used more for marketing and readers and maybe quarterly newsletters at most, and the occasional blogpost about research or something, but mostly just a home page / contact portal. but who knows, I still haven’t quite made my mind up, I need to transfer this bad boy to self hosted too. UGH.

          1. That’s what I did. I have a static site with blurbs and excerpts, maps, and book club questions. My goal is to post once a month and I haven’t been consistent about that yet. It doesn’t get much traffic, but it serves.

          2. HA! What? Don’t be silly, I popped over and it looked lovely. My new site is being set up with the migration of this site, which happens Friday, but I will probably keep it under wraps for a few weeks till I get it sorted.

          3. I will connect them in someway. It’s been created! woo hoo. Just need to set it all up and put info on there now. 😀 😀 *bites nail*

  10. “I will NEVER stop swearing because I love it.”


    You’d love the U.S. Marines. The profanity flows like a raging river of sperm. No one I’ve every known cusses like Marines. It’s sounds like hard-core porno poetry, orgasmic art, a Tsunami on fucking steroids.

  11. Now you have got me thinking Sacha, about who I am as an author and a blog person. omg…….panics and lights a ciggie. Will get back to you on that one. Btw, when I do will you please take a look see and if it’s shite, tell me. I do need a brand, it makes perfect sense so now is the time to do it,

  12. Black heart. Pah! You’re a puppy-soft-caramel-baby-cheeks person and everyone knows it. Though the rest is true and your creative swearing one of the joys of the net. Fudgefuckles has to make it into the OED or there is no God. What? There isn’t? Bazollicoids. That’s unreal. On a serious note I read all Charli’s brilliance, I thought about it loads and I still drew a blank. The nearest I get to a brand image is a slightly warm blancmange: it means well but you’re not really sure what it’s for. One day you will have to take me in hand and explain in small words with lots of pictures dipped in coffee

    1. I found this comment in my spam, at first I was going to say I felt bad, until I read the content… and now I am coming for you Geoffle, with my blunt knife and unicorn mane as a garrotte HOW DARE YOU EXPOSE MY DARK SECRETS. ‘pahahahahahaha, I can certainly do pictures and coffee and chocolate! Maybe when we search down a venue!

  13. I LOVE your new logo! ?

    So true. Brand and all that jazz. I remember those posts about marketing from Charli. They’re really good. (Nice tag line. …bad words.) Yup. That’s you. Also, you are so right about your images. Whenever I see them it doesn’t matter what the image is or what the color scheme is, I always know they are Sacha’s. ?

    1. hehe, thanks my lovely. Love that you love it 😀 I knew you would like the colours <3 <3 glad you think the tagline works, I wasn't 100% sure but decided to plump for it anyway I can always change it if I want at a later date. Not that I think I will. It's grown on me. hehe glad you agree about the photos too, I try hard to keep them consistent. Hope you're feeling at least a bit better today.

  14. When I first started to blog I immediately decided to write about whatever it was that was on my mind. The subtitle of my blog says it all. That way, as you quite rightly say, you pull in a far bigger audience. I’ve often read advice that says that blogs should stick to one subject. Great, if that is what you want and you don’t mind a limited audience, but when I decided to publish that first post, I wanted EVERYONE to read my blog. ?

    1. I understand the point, but I think I sit on the other side of the fence, I don’t believe everyone would ever be interested in everything I have to write or say, I think (for me) it’s more effective to be a bit more niche and appeal to a specific audience and pleasing them, than it is trying to appeal to everyone and not really pleasing anyone. But then I have a specific focus, so I would say that, because thats what works for me. Each to their own, with their own journeys and that’s what’s so amazing about this whole industry <3 <3

      1. True, but I guess that could be said for somebody who blogs nothing but recipes. Not everyone will like every recipe. Plus, just about every post I’ve published (apart from the early days) got likes and comments, so somebody was interested in that post. For me, ‘Variety is the spice of life’ and that’s why I blog about just about everything.
        However, as you say, everyone is different. We all need to find our own comfort zone, otherwise, what’s the point? We do that as we gain more experience. Eighteen months ago I’d never have believed I would have written several posts that gave tips about blogging or published posts that included my own photography. I could never run more than one blog, so I have to cram it all into one.

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