The Bash Has a Home – Venue Announcement

Well, folks, if you’re not on the Bloggers Bash mailing list, then you won’t have heard, but the committee has secured a venue. Yes, blogettes, the Bash is well and truly back, and trust me when I tell you, this year is going to be even bigger and better than last year.

If you don’t know what in the fuzzy bearย I’m chirpsing about then where have you been for the last two years? The Bloggers Bash is an annual get together in London, England, for any and all bloggers. Doesn’t matter your platform, your theme, your content, or your word usage, if you blog, you’re welcome to come.

During the day we reveal the results of the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards as well as chat, talk writing, gossip, hug, hug and hug a bit more, eat, drink and be merry.

Ever wanted to meet the friends you’ve made blogging? Desperate to turn the virtual hug into a real one? Well now’s your chance.

June 10th 2017 will see the return of the 3rd Annual Bloggers Bash.

The 2017 Annual Bloggers Bash will be held in:

The Wellington Suite in the Grange Wellington Hotel

71 Vincent Square, Westminster, London SW1P 2PA

It’s just a stone’s throw from Victoria Station, which should make it nice and easyย to find. There’s two sneak peek photos below.

Because the event keeps growing, we need to charge for the event, so this year, tickets for the event will be ยฃ10 and will go on sale on the 1st February PUT THE DATE IN YOUR DIARY NOW.


  1. The location looks amazing, Sacha! I wanted to reblog but cannot find the button!
    On a different note…. bad news: I cannot join you next year. My nephew has his confirmation in Vienna on the same weekend. I am also his god-mother and want to be there, of course. I am so sorry โ˜น๏ธ But I hope there is another Bash in 2018!

    1. The reblog button is hiding now I am self hosted! it’s under a crown on the side bar – very annoying. SIGH. I am so gutted you can’t come, but roll on 2018.

      1. That is really annoying when the normal things don’t work anymore. I will check again regarding the reblog, Sacha! It is defenitely on my agenda for 2018! But I hope there will open up a window before!

    1. someone else just said that, *scratches head* hmmmm…. I will investigate with my provider…. Thanks for the nudge and lovely shares

        1. I’m self hosted – just installed sumo me, but it seems to have only enabled social media sharing rather than reblogs? GAH, why is self hosted so hard!

          1. When the Crown Icon is opened, folks can type Word and the WordPress icon comes up to select, then press Send.
            A choice of images appears, including any included in your post.
            I usually save to Draft, then I can extract whatever I need from your original post and paste it into the draft post.
            I also ensure the link is highlighted and the little hyperlink box is ticked so the post will open in another tab or window (saves me losing readers from my blog).
            Then I can schedule the equivalent of a reblog ๐Ÿ˜€

          2. Wait, what? You did???? Oh thank you. For some reason I didn’t get a notification ?? this self hosted thing is harder than I hoped. SIGHHHHHHHHH.

          1. I don’t have a reblog button on my blog also apparently.
            Mind you I lost the like button as well today. I really must lay off the plugins as I always bugger everything up when I play with them

          2. I got in a hell of a mess by adding that sumo me and other plug ins, In fact, that is how I lost my ‘like’ button. I have even changed my theme now as it wouldn’t come back!!! I know I shouldn’t mess with stuff I don’t understand but it never stops me!

    1. hehe, you should so try to come if you can, and I know we’ve talked about the British museum before, but I bloody love that place.

  2. Hope it goes well, I’m in sunny yorkshire, but would love to make a show up for next year as parents live down south,
    I hope it goes well and have just voted for the best inspirational blog as have loved reading Miriams posts – Out and About – Loving Life On and Off the Tracks

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