The Bloggers Bash is just three months away, which means the ABBAs (Annual Bloggers Bash Awards) are back! Every year, we run a set of blogging awards nominated and voted for by you. 

And today is the day you can nominate…


If you’ve never attended a Blogger Bash event before then you’re in for a treat. Created by Sacha Black and aided by her intrepid committee of eight bloggers, the Bash is open to any blogger, regardless of age or niche. Previous events have included speakers, competitions, a panel, and attendees from all over the UK, Europe, the US, and Canada.

There will be an opportunity to network, eat cake, and meet some amazing online friends in person! The event takes place in a single day; timings and the exact breakdown of the day will be available closer to the event, but it will start mid-morning and end in the evening. We announce the winners of the Bloggers Bash Awards, which you, the blogging public, vote for. You can see last year’s winners here.

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You can also join us for our weekly Twitter Hour every Sunday 7pm-8pm using the hashtag #BlogBashChat or join in the conversation on Twitter by using the #BloggersBash hashtag.


Each year we stage a two-step awards ceremony.

  • STAGE 1 – You ‘NOMINATE’ who you would like to see listed in each category.
  • STAGE 2 – You vote for your favourite bloggers.



Now, a word of warning before you get nomination happy. In previous years, lots of you failed to read the rules or provide the correct information. That led to extra work for the committee who needed to take a full week to track down the information for all the nominated bloggers. We are a non-profit, voluntary group of bloggers, therefore we have taken the decision that we will automatically disqualify any nomination that comes in with:

  • The wrong information
  • Incomplete nomination
  • Breaks the rules listed below (or in the terms and conditions linked to at the bottom).

We will not chase you for missing information and we will not notify you of any errors. It is your responsibility when nominating to triple check the rules and the nomination entry.


Complete the nominations form at the bottom of this post – it will ping an email to the bash inbox, job done. It will only allow you to nominate for one award at a time, sorry, but that’s the way it is, if you want to nominate in every category you’ll need to fill it out several times.

Information Required:

  • The Full Website address of the blogger you are nominating
  • The full name of the blogger’s website (this is the name that will be on the listing, if the nominator gets it wrong, tough).
  • The category of the award you are entering them for.

NB: The committee members cannot be nominated. Members include Sacha Black, Geoff Le Pard, Hugh Roberts, Suzanne Elliot, Helen Jones, Graeme Cumming, Adam Dixon, and Shelley Wilson.

If you do not submit the required information, your nomination will be disqualified.

  • You cannot nominate yourself.
  • To ensure a spread of winners, you can only win in one category. Therefore, if you are nominated in more than one category we will attempt to contact you to ask what category you would prefer to be in. If you don’t want to choose, or we cannot reach you, then the committee will decide for you.
  • You can only nominate ONCE in EACH category.
  • You can only vote once in each category
  • You can only win three years running. Should you win for three consecutive years, you will not be eligible to be nominated the following year – sozberries, but we want the awards to recognize as many bloggers as possible.


NOMINATIONS CLOSE at 23:59 (GMT) on 20th March 2018



This year, the awards are being sponsored by Greenstory – a fantastic eco-friendly company who are awarding each of the winners with a STONE notebook… Yes, a notebook actually made of stone. For more details, check out Suzie’s review of the notebook here or their website here.


Award Categories:


Who is the blogger that excels in a variety of categories? Who provides excellent content, is sociable and engaging with readers, shares other posts, or has a writing style that keeps you coming back time and time again?

Whoever you choose needs to be an all-rounder. A blogger that is head and shoulders above the rest as that’s what makes the Best Overall Blogger.



Which blogger always makes you laugh the most? Whether that’s through humourous content or their blogging manner. A blogger that has your sides aching from laughter and brightens up the blog-o-sphere is what makes the Funniest Blogger.



Who inspires you? Is there a blogger that’s thought-provoking and inquisitive? Perhaps they’re a muse to you with the constant provision of inspirational content or imagery. Who’s the one blogger that touched your heart? This is what makes the Most Inspirational Blogger.



This award is for the blogger with the most informative and original content. Who creates fascinating content that you find yourself longing to read? Perhaps they’re a history blogger or they write about the craft of writing/blogging, or maybe they like archaeology or wine tasting. They could be an artist or musician. The topic is irrelevant, it’s the original content that counts. A blogger who shares a wealth of knowledge in an informative way is what makes the Most Informative & Original Blogger.



There are so many wonderful book bloggers out there, but which one stands out for you? Whose book reviews do you enjoy reading and engaging with? It’s not the number of reviews that are important, but more about the quality of them. Who has you clicking the ‘buy now’ button after reading a riveting summary, or who has the most thoughtful reviews? A blogger who shares an abundance of book reviews in a memorable way deserves the Best Book Review Blog.



Which blogger goes out of their way to help others? Maybe this is someone who helped you kick-start your blog with tutorials or how-to guides. Perhaps they continually reblog your posts. It could be a blogger who consistently provides useful posts on how to boost your blog. Or maybe you want to nominate someone who provides an engaging platform for others.

Someone who selflessly dedicates themselves to other bloggers is who deserves the Services to Bloggers award.



Have you stumbled upon a blog by chance and discovered useful information or thought-provoking content? Is there a blog that doesn’t get the notoriety they deserve? Maybe they have such an original style you can’t help but read their posts. A blogger who you believe should get the limelight for a change is who deserves the Hidden Gem award.



A category for those bloggers who have been blogging less than a year (joined the blog-o-sphere after 1st June 2017). Did they join with a bang? Have they made an impression? Do they engage with readers? Are they funny, or well designed, or maybe share posts that make you smile time after time. A newbie blogger who deserves recognition makes the best Newcomer Blogger.



Which blogger do you want to go to the pub with? Or maybe have dinner with? Who never fails to reply to comments, and has thoughtful things to say? Maybe they encourage the community through weekly challenges or blog parties. A blogger who makes the blog-o-sphere a better place is what makes the Best Pal.



To read the terms and conditions, i.e. the rules of the awards please click here.

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To nominate use the form below:



  1. Hello – in the text you say that nominations must include (among other things) MY full name (the text in red) – but the nomination form above does not have a field for me to enter that, just my email address. Aside from the thumbs and a moral compass, what am I missing? 🙂

    1. So, I was inspired by you and made a spreadsheet… before i realized i should have just asked you for yours!

      Now I just need to ask these lovely bloggers for their e-mail addresses.

      1. Haha! Hey I found a trick where you don’t need to ask bloggers for their emails. Go to your WP Admin page & if someone has commented on your blog or replied to a comment you’ve left on their blog- their email is provided there. Next to their comment. You can do a search too so you don’t have go through loads of comments 👍🏻

  2. HI Sacha, I may be being dumb but I can’t always find blogger email addresses on their page – don’t want to miss out on nominating someone because I don’t have their email address!

    1. Hi Em, there’s a way to find a bloggers email if they have commented on your blog. Go to your WP Admin page and into your comments section. Next to their comment will be their email address. You can search your comments too so you don’t trawl through them. Otherwise, it might be a case of asking them.

  3. So exciting! This is my first year of blogging, so I’m excited to participate for the first time. Thanks so much for doing this, Sacha! 🙂

    1. Hey, thank you for nominating, just to explain the single category thing it’s because You can only nominate once in each category and we only allow people to be ‘in’ one category during the vote – hope that helps 🙂

  4. Hello my lovely. I’m on vacation but of course had to pop by. I’ve written down the categories and shared, will take them to the beach with me. have a think and be back to vote. <3

  5. Hi Sacha. A silly question from a non-techy: Where do I find a blogger’s email address? It’s required in the nomination form. I’ve searched their blog and bio, but many do not list it. So, what do I do? Thank you!

    1. Hiya, there’s a way to find a bloggers email if they have commented on your blog. Go to your WP Admin page and into your comments section. Next to their comment will be their email address. You can search your comments too so you don’t trawl through them. Otherwise, it might be a case of asking them.

      1. Thank you, Sasha! I had no idea the email address was in their comment in my WP Admin page. And to think of the gazillion times I have looked at this. Ta-dah! Many thanks, and I’m so sorry to be a pain.

  6. Urk! I love the suggestion about looking at your ‘Comments’ in Admin. That works! But I cannot get the page to accept the url for the blog I’m nominating. I tried it with and without the www. Anybody else have this issue? Thanks in advance for your help. Itching to nominate!!!

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