The BASH, REBRANDED! #MondayBlogs

I can’t quite believe it, but the bash is nearly three years old. *Weeps with pride*

Each year it continues to grow in size which means what we do needs to grow in size too.

Sure, it’s a big blog social, but that doesn’t mean we don’t take it seriously. What started out as one nosy blogger more desperate to meet the friends she’d made online than stay safe and introverted behind the screen, is slowly turning a beast.

One day, I hope, the BASH will be a huge blogging festival. I can dream, right? Besides, I brainwashed the minions into obedience before they knew what they were signing up to and I have plans to recruit more. SHHH, they’ll never know.

So this year, we decided to overhaul the Bash, logos and all. The lovely George Grey, used by both Geoff and Hugh for their cover designs, has upped the BASH anti and given us a much slicker look.

Ladies and gents, the new bash logo…

If you haven’t bought your ticket for the biggest blog social of the year, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE? Go, buy it, now… (from here).

We’re running a blog competition too if you want to win a tonne of prizes, like a critique, beta read and book trailer, then check it out here, the competition closes on the 1st of March.

Stay tuned, because we will be releasing the new BASH awards for 2017 next month, we will then be open for nominations in April and then folks… voting will open in May. CAN YOU FREAKING BELIEVE IT? We’re only two and a half months from voting! *gulp*

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  1. I’ve bought my ticket. Now I need to organise train tickets and accommodation. Did I read somewhere the day starts earlier this year? May need to come down the night before in that case.

    1. That’s right. We’re hoping to start much earlier, before 12 certainly so that people get ENOUGH time with each other, because the awards etc do get in the way and also so that the committee can chat to people too 😀

  2. I know. Three years. And three years I’ve been dreaming of going… Well, you all must be wild busy with preps and plans. I can’t believe it’s so soon! Absolutely love the new logo! ?

  3. Keep it up!!! Wouldn’t a big blogging festival be cool. You’ve done a great job pulling it together, Sacha, and should feel proud. The fact that this one blogger is planning to travel 7,901 kilometers to get there someday is testament to your success. 🙂

  4. I love the new logo, very classy! I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. I cannot commit yet to coming this year until I know for sure what i will be doing about UNI and placements!

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