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9 Surprising Reasons You NEED to Stop Asking For Constructive Criticism

Constructive Criticism is Bad!

This is a two part series discussing the cons of constructive criticism vs the benefits of constructive commenting. This week I will discuss the arguments for why I am so against constructive criticism, and next week I will go into the nitty gritty of how to constructively comment and have some guest comments from two writers. The first a writer who has received my constructive comments and the second from my tutor who gives me constructive comments. Continue reading

Writespiration #28

Writespiration #28

I cheated a bit with this one, I just finished writing the chapter before my novel started. I chose to write it from a different characters perspective, and oddly enough, it helped me to not only finalise the ending of my actual novel, but also give me most of the plot for the second, and also a concept for the third… apparently I am now writing three books not just one! ha! Continue reading

Interview with VG Lee Critically-Acclaimed Author

V G Lee

I had the pleasure of attending V G Lee’s Inner Monologues creative writing session last year. I was inspired by her class and was absolutely delighted when she agreed to let me interview her for my blog. All the author Interviews are available on the Author Interview Page. Continue reading

Writespiration #27


I recently sent a short story of mine to my Bubbi (a bubbi is a grandma, but it’s the Hebrew word for it) anyway. She replied saying she knew I was going to be a good writer, because when I was 10 I wrote a poem for a book she was writing about her mother. This got me thinking about childhood memories and the importance of having memories and back stories for your characters. Why don’t you write one of their memories? You might even be able to use it in your novel.

I thought I would share the poem Bubbi sent me, that I wrote when I was 10 years old!

Continue reading

#Read about Guest Aspiring #Author Sacha Black

Big thanks to Chris for featuring me, what an honour, and equally big thanks to Geoff for suggesting it. ? If you are ever at a loose end you should check Chris’s blog out it’s full of amazing resources 🙂

Writing Tips #16 The Secrets of Social Media – Everything A Writer Should Know

secrets of social media for writers

I read recently (I forget where – and I have already scalded myself for not saving the link) that every aspiring writer should have an electronic platform namely, a social media presence. Continue reading

Writespiration #26

your protagonists an assassin

What is their next move?

The Crafting Characters Series #4 5 Reasons You Need to Find Your Character's Face

Red hardcover book with flipping pages

I read an article once, that said our brains are incapable of creating faces from scratch. I have no proof backing this up, but it seems a reasonable enough suggestion given the complexity of faces. For the purposes of this blog. This means that every face you see in your dreams, you’ve seen before. Maybe they passed you in the street, or sat three tables across from you in the coffee shop and you barely flashed them a glance, but your subconscious noticed them. It took in enough detail to make hazy faces in your dreams, or blurry sketches of potential characters. But create them from scratch, it cannot. Continue reading

Writespiration #25


Do you have any regrets? Have you ever said something you wish you hadn’t? Something you wish you could have said differently? What if you didn’t say anything? What about your character?

Is there anything your characters wish they had said?

Interview with James Howell – Author of the Disturbed Girl Trilogy

James Howell Author Interview

If you would like to be featured like this on my blog, drop me a line.

I first found ‘A Disturbed Girl’s Guide to Curing Boredom’ in DIVA, a magazine for lesbians. It had the tiniest of blurbs (as all their reviews do) about this little book with a rather intriguing title. I absolutely HAD to read it. So I did, and I was an instant fan. His trilogy is one of my favourites… EVER. So it had to make my ‘books that MADE me write‘ list, because it was just that good. Continue reading